Amigurumi Baby Hats Crochet for Babies and Kids

Pig Ideas for Baby and Toddler Free Crochet Patterns

Pig Ideas Kids

With an oink, oink here, and an oink, oink there!

While they sometimes get a bad rap, piggies are also a fun and cute theme for crocheting. So, here are some pig ideas for enhancing your porcine yarn experience. Overall, these are quite easy, but worthwhile and attractive items that will push the “adorable” dial past 11. After all, what baby or toddler wouldn’t look their utmost in a cute, pink piggy hat or booties. Better still, there are also some ideas for piggy toys, softies that will get hugged and slobbered beyond belief. Of course, these don’t have to be solely for your own kids. Indeed, they are also ideal presents for a baby shower or a birthday among friends and family.

Pig Hat

First among our pig ideas, we have this ultra-cute pig hat with chin straps. In particular, I adore the round, cute snout and alert ears.

0 pig hat

Go to the free pattern: Pig Hat

More info about project photographed here.


Pig Baby Booties

Next, we can’t have pig ideas for babies without a set of baby booties. Therefore, here are some that are just too much. Without a doubt, these ultra-cute and and easy booties are just the thing for tiny little hooves.

Pig Baby Booties

Go to the free pattern: Pig Baby Booties


Dapper Piggy

So, continuing with our pig ideas, here is a piggy stuffy that’s easily sewn together from several equally easy parts. At about 5 or 6″, it’s perfect for little hands to hold, cuddle and carry.

Dapper Piggy

Go to the free pattern: Dapper Piggy


Pig Amigurumi

Finally, we round off our pig ideas list with an amigurumi piglet. Although perhaps a shade harder than the other patterns, it’s a very worthy and adorable pattern. Indeed, this one will be great not only for babies and toddlers, but for kids of all ages.

Pig Amigurumi

Go to the free pattern: Pig Amigurumi

More info about project photographed also here.


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