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You finally realized your dream about learning how to crochet, but learnt one stitch so far. You already know how to make a slip knot and starting chain, and you learnt the single crochet stitch. Don’t worry, there is a huge amount of single crochet patterns you can use knowing only these basic crochet stitches!

Single Crochet Project Ideas:

Using only the single crochet stitch, you can create almost everything – a potholder, a rug, a scarf, a cardigan and many, many more. Just pick a one of the free crochet patterns from below and start crocheting.

Feel free to adjust any of the projects, choosing the colors or the size.   After you completing your first pattern, you may start creating your own project based on the skill you already have.

Here is another one that’s simple, fun and very useful. The alternating ribbed structure gives it some spring and helps it stay on your head.

Alternatively, here is a smoother headband that’s a bit fancier. I really like the combination of crochet and the button accent.

baby blanket is a more time consuming project than a washcloth or a dishcloth, but it’s also easy for you to make right now.

If you are looking for a challenge, try a multicolor blanket. The Spring Meadow Baby Blanket is based on a moss stitch with is a combination of single crochets and chains.

If you like fancy stuff, this playful project is just for you. You can show off  your crochet skills to your colleagues immediately, by making a coffee cup sweater.

It an easy project, made from a strap. You will learn how to add the button and make a buttonhole.

After making a blanket or washcloth, a bag can be your next challenge. Do you accept? It isn’t any more complex, really. Just larger.

Free crochet hat patterns are the next project you may try, knowing only a single crochet stitch. You will obtain the rounded shape by making 2 or more single crochets in the same chain.

Once you master the basic beanie, you can try add some edge variation, such as stripes.  It will give your beanie a more interesting look and motivate you to practice how to add a new yarn color. 🙂

If you already have a Ravelry account (it is free) you can try this pattern – the single crochet thermal hat. The pattern is in single crochet and working single crochets in a back loop.

Next, slippers will be a good project if you already tried other single crochet projects and feel more comfortable with crocheting. In 3D shapes, you will learn and practice increasing and decreasing the circumference of an item.

Knowing the moss stitch, you are good to go with these cute fingerless gloves.

The single Crochet Cluster gives a more textured surface than a regular single crochet. It will give the nicest look, but also be of better use for scrubbing while dishwashing or cleaning.

As you see, you can make a little home decorations, like a simple pumpkin as well. Perhaps it isn’t pumpkin season, but never mind. They’re just so darned cute!

If you want to be  a skilled amigurumi (crocheted toy) maker, you need  to practice. Why not to start training immediately? This little baby monkey from single crochet stitches is waiting to be your new roommate.

While mastering single crochets, you will inevitably get to the chevron pattern. Here it is in all its zig-zag glory.

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