Free Baby Blankets Crochet Patterns

Keep your baby cozy with a handmade blanket.

Baby blankets are among the most popular crochet projects, and it’s not surprising! They work up much faster than regular blankets because they are simply smaller, and require less yarn. Hopefully, our collection of hundreds of free crochet patterns will ignite your imagination!

Simple and timeless

Crochet baby blankets often feature the simplest of stitches because they don’t need more decoration. Remember though, that you can easily adorn it with crochet applique, ornamental edgings, or unique color palettes. To be frank, it’s very easy to transform the easiest of projects into classy timeless pieces.

The thoughtful gift becomes a family heirloom

Surprise expecting parents with a thoughtful handmade gift that will be cherished for years. Who knows, maybe it will be passed on through generations?

Our collection includes hundreds of baby blanket crochet patterns for both boys and girls. If you don’t know the baby’s gender yet, don’t worry because there are many unisex designs to choose from as well. Remember that you can easily change the tone of the blanket by using different color palettes – rosy hues are a classic choice for girls, while blues and browns suit little boys.

Perfect for beginners

Baby blanket patterns are always the simplest ones, which makes them a perfect choice for beginners. Often with one- or two-row repeats, these patterns feature stitches that you can memorize in no time. What’s more, once learned, these techniques may come in handy in many different crochet projects!