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No gift for babies is more popular than a blanket or cardigan.

Both are our fist choice item to make for any baby shower. While a blanket and cardigan can be easy and quick to make, they can be elegant and sophisticated at the same time. Unquestionably, a perfect pattern which is be quick and repeatable is essential, but will still look intriguing, fancy (and really complicated as well:D). Below, I share such patterns for both a baby blanket and a matching baby cardigan. I’m totally sure this crochet baby set will be highly appreciated by any new mom or dad!

Baby Cardigan

This is a beautiful, vintage baby cardi that will be THE highlight of a baby shower. Why? Indisputably because it’s a timeless classic that is a great highlight of the relay of generations and the beauty of newborns.

Designer: Crochet for Life

Baby Cardigan

The full article about this pattern is here:

Crochet Baby Set: A Blanket

This baby blanket is the perfect companion, and the ideal accompaniment to the cardi above. It’s soft, luxuriant while still being light enough so as not to overheat the baby. It’s attractive, artful, but easy and quick. This blanket and a cardigan at the top of the page will create a perfect crochet baby set for any occasion.

Designer: Craft and Crochet

Baby Blanket

The full tutorial with this pattern is here:

Baby Blanket

Baby Gift Set

Here is a beautiful, classic baby gift set such as your Grandma may have made for your Mom or for you, when you were small. This is a timeless composition of a cardigan, burping pad and bottle cozy. Therefore, you can really add a touch of tradition into a baby and mom’s life.

Designer: Crochet ‘n’ Create

Baby Gift Set

The full tutorial with this pattern is here:

Baby Gift Set

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  1. Lilliam urena says:

    I made the blanket and is adorable. Thank you for the easy to fallow tutorial.

  2. Linda McPhail says:

    Absolutely gorgeous. I was wondering if there was a printed pattern for the blanket and sweater set

    1. Yvonne Staunton says:

      IS there a printed pattern for this set.

  3. Patricia Gruber says:

    You stopped at beginning of 2nd row for cardi. Why ?
    Please give written instructions.

  4. Donnie Marshall says:


    Thanks for sharing such lovely designs!

  5. Joanie Christie says:

    Would love to have this pattern. Where can I get it?

    1. Marilyn Loritz says:

      I would love to have the patterns for this Blanket, and hat! Where can I find the printed PDF for this set

      1. Sorry, there is only tutorial available.

  6. Please can you do it in writing has well on your site

  7. Joan thompson says:

    Ian a left handed crocheter and really need a printed pattern. Is there one available would like blanket sweater hat and jumper

  8. Donna Campbell says:

    Could you be kind enough to send me a written copy of the baby blanket I cant do videos please help

  9. Love this set however would prefer written pattern instead of video

  10. I am echoing previous requests for a printed pattern please!

  11. where is the border part? I didn’t see that

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