A collage of crocheted afghans, including a spring-inspired baby blanket.

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A blanket is not just your gran’s heavy woolen affair. In fact, I think that it’s time to explore some light, breezy and airy summer crochet blanket ideas. To this point, these crochet patterns are made to be warm and cozy for a cool summer evening or a colder day. Additionally, they are designed to be light and lacy so that they will still prevent overheating and discomfort. However, they are also designed to be fun to make and super attractive, so that if you make one for a gift, it will be greatly appreciated. Consequently, you’ll never have any shortage of present ideas for a baby shower.

These summer blanket ideas are airy enough to be a perfect cover during summer evenings.

An elegant and delicate summer blanket will give you additional warmth during a cool evening outside or when the air conditioning did its job. Consequently, a warm but lacy blanket will help you find your Goldilocks temperature. Moreover, the light colors will go along with any interior. In this way, it will contrast a dark room, or highlight a bright one. Lastly, I’m sure you will see the gift potential in these blankets, where a loved one will receive a blanket they will cherish forever. Please have a peek at these summer blanket ideas, I’m sure you’ll find your favorite.

Squares Summer Blanket Free Patterns

Square Dance Blanket

Crochet squares are the perfect basis for many projects, but creating blankets of them is the absolute classic. Just look at this sample! Isn’t it stylish and beautiful? You can make it with a free crochet blanket pattern, and it’s an easy project, even for beginners. Choose your favorite colors, and happy crocheting!

Skills: Easy     Designer: Yarnspirations Design Studio

free crochet blanket pattern

Photos by Yarnspirations / Ravelry.com

Find this free crochet pattern on yarnspirations.com, or read more about it on ravelry.com.

Little Popcorn Daisy Blanket

Look at this little daisy blanket… So cute! The color scheme is similar to… Summer Crocs. Daisies in the middle have been inspired by Mille Makes’ Something Pretty pattern; then were bordered with hdc. After joining squares together with slip stitches on the back, do single crochet and a round of trebles around the edge. A final border is inspired by Bobble-shell Edging. All patterns you will find below.

Skills: intermediate      Designer: Angelfee / Mille Makes / Attic24

Little Popcorn Daisy Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

Photos by Angelfee / Ravelry.com

Find this free crochet pattern on Ravelry. Read about the Mille Makes project on millemakes.wordpress.com. A very similar cute version find on yourcrochet.com. The bobble-shell edging you’ll find on attic24.typepad.com.


Not many patterns are so universal – you can use the Heliotropeghan pattern to crochet a chunky baby blanket or rug for a baby room and in the meantime, you can create a delicate and thin new doily for the summer! This beautiful flower motif will be eye-catching in any color you choose. The Heliotropeghan pattern for a baby blanket was designed by My Jogeland from myDIY.se and modified by Mijo Crochet to create a doily.

Skills: beginner      Designer: My Jogeland

Heliotropeghan doile baby blanket rug free crochet pattern

Helitropeghan doily free crochet pattern baby blanket rug

Photos by My Jogeland / Ravelry.com

Find this free crochet pattern on mydiy.se, or read more about it on ravelry.com.

Primavera Blanket

This lovely pattern will keep you busy because it consists of a lot of squares! Projects like this are fun to make as you crochet squares one by one and combine them together later. The finished blanket looks like a beautiful camomile meadow and will always cheer you up.

Skills: beginner      Designer: Garnstudio

Summer Primavera Crochet Blanket Free Pattern

Photos by DROPS Design / garnstudio.com

Find this free crochet pattern on garnstudio.com.

Jeanette at Sunset

This blanket, made in a collaboration between Anna Moore and Dedri Uys, is a great project for the spring and summer. Based on a 12″ – 7.3″ square and made in vivid colors, this blanket creates an interesting pattern that can be used almost everywhere. You can use this blanket as a bedspread in the master bedroom, a guest room, or a kids’ room. The Jeanette at Sunset Blanket in a smaller size will be perfect as a decorative throw for your living room or as a baby blanket. You can follow the hues used in the pattern to get the same rainbow effect or make the squares multicolor; you can also make the squares in one color.

Skills: intermediate     Designer: Anna Moore and Dedri Uys

Jeanette at Sunset Free Crochet Pattern

Photos by Dedri Uys / lookatwhatimade.com

Find this free crochet pattern on lookatwhatimade.net.

Row by Row Summer Blanket Free Patterns

Hailey Baby Blanket

This lacy summer blanket is perfect for stroller walks with your baby. It is lightweight, lovely, and has a beautiful texture. The finished size is approximately 35 x 36 inches. Make it with the free crochet baby blanket pattern, and let’s go for a walk!

Skills: Easy     Designer: C.L. Halvorson

free crochet baby blanket pattern

Photos by C.L. Halvorson / Ravelry.com

Find this free crochet pattern on ravelry.com.

Irish Lace Free Crochet Pattern

This beautiful lace blanket can be a perfect wedding gift. With a little effort, you will get a spectacular and elegant cover for yourself or your family members. You can make it in any colour you want, but there is something special about white and off-white hues in this case. Irish lace? Why you could even make a cover for your Blarney stone 😉

Designer: Yarnspirations

Irish Lace

Photos by Yarnspirations / yarnspirations.com

Find this free crochet pattern on yarnspirations.com.

Sunroom Afghan

You will love this granny ripple variation. Its delicate colors and beautiful design will be an ideal addition to a sunroom or any other of your interiors. Together with the pattern, there are lots of photo tutorials, so this summer blanket can be an appropriate project for beginners as well.

Designer:  Crochet Dreamz

Sun Room Afghan

Photos by Crochet Dreamz / crochetdreamz.com

Find this free crochet pattern on crochetdreamz.com.

Hilos De Sueños Baby Blanket

This lightweight blanket will be perfect for summer strolls around the city. The free crochet baby pattern describes the process in Spanish, so lucky Spanish-speaking crocheters are! This beautiful blankie can be also a perfect gift for a baby shower, how do you think?

Skill: easy     Designer: Crochetisimo

summer baby blanket free crochet pattern

Photos by Crochetisimo / crochetisimo.com

Find this free crochet pattern on crochetisimo.com.

Summer Stripes Baby Blanket

On the one hand, this is a super simple free crochet baby blanket pattern. On the other hand, this beautiful airy summer blanket uses parallel stripes of different colors to achieve a visually interesting effect. Truly, the gentle pastel colors work so well, don’t they?

Skill: easy     Designer: Lion Brand Yarn

Summer Stripes Baby Blanket

Photos by karenleeoun & yenda56 / Ravelry.com

Find this free crochet pattern on Ravelry. Read more about karenleeoun’s project on Ravelry. Read more about yenda56’s project on Ravelry.

Twinkling Star Blanket

You simply cannot have enough pom-poms, and the Twinkling Star airy summer blanket delivers like no other. This is a pompom-fringed blanket with a lovely, airy pattern of starbursts laid out in rows of alternating colors. In this case, soft hues of white, cyan, and magenta, which I think are particularly attractive. This will be a great blanket for the cottage or for a rustic kids’ or living room. The pattern is not very difficult to make and should work up quite quickly.

Skill: easy     Designer: Crochet Dreamz

Twinkling Star Blanket

Photos by Crochet Dreamz / crochetdreamz.com

Find this free crochet pattern on crochetdreamz.com.

The Midwife Blanket

However, if tradition and the classics are your things, then the Midwife airy summer blanket is just the ticket. Therefore, if you are going for a timeless nursery arrangement, this one will be your best bet.

Skill: easy     Designer: Rebecca Langford

The Midwife Baby Blanket

Photos by labullard / Ravelry.com

Find this free crochet pattern on yarnandchai.com. Read more about labullard’s project on Ravelry.

In The Round Summer Crochet Blanket Patterns

Banksia Baby Blanket

The Banksia airy summer blanket’s use of a radial color gradient gives it an overall even surface that pops. It’s a beautiful example of art and leaves your imagination loads of room to play.

Skills: easy      Designer: Dedri Uys

banksia baby blanket

Photos by PassionateHooker / Ravelry.com

Find this free crochet pattern on lookatwhatimade.net, or read more about it on Ravelry.

Virus Blanket

Undoubtedly, the legendary Virus Blanket Crochet Pattern is one of the most versatile designs ever! Here, it’s in its airy summer blanket guise. Unfortunately, this pattern is no longer free, but you can still watch the free video tutorial made by Jonna Martinez, the author of the pattern.

Skills: upper beginner Designer: Jonna Martinez

Virus Blanket

Photos by grandmasuzibobs / Ravelry.com

Find this free crochet pattern on Etsy.com. Read more about grandmasuzibobs project on Ravelry.

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