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When you want to make something nice, but have no time for fancy…

After all, oftentimes it’s not yarn, money or ideas that are lacking, it’s the time, and that includes making kids’ blankets. So, for those occasions, here are some ideas for an easy-peasy baby blanket that will make up quickly and easily, with whatever you have at hand. However, make no mistake, these are perfectly serviceable and very attractive projects that will be wonderful additions to the nursery, despite the ease you make them with.

Easy Baby Blanket

To begin with, this easy-peasy baby blanket is a traditional, simple baby throw with a gently textured surface. Thus, this one will be ideal for an outing to the park in a traditional bassinet pram.

Easy Baby Blanket

The full article about this pattern is here:

Easy-Peasy Baby Blanket

To summarise, the name says it all. Indeed, between the gentle texture and the soft but well defined color palette, there’s little you could add to this description. This project is, furthermore, a great example of a pattern where the main stitching also defines its own edge, without the need for a separate border, if that’s your preference.

Easy-Peasy Baby Blanket

The full article about this pattern is here:

 Ballerina Birdy

Shell Baby Blanket

Lastly, but not leastly, the shell easy-peasy baby blanket is another one that juxtaposes a gentle texture with an appropriate color selection. Moreover, it also sports a crisp, definite edge that clearly defines the shape of the blanket.

Shell Baby BlanketThe full article about this pattern is here:

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