C2C Catghan Free Crochet Patterns

C2C Catghan Free Crochet Patterns
C2C Catghan

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So, you thought that C2C means corner-to-corner? Nope! It means cat-to-cat crochet!

We have some great news to all cat lovers and feline fanatics! Here are some C2C patterns that will be just the thing for cat-adoring crochet-savvy folks out there. Although these delightful patterns for C2C cat afghans wasn’t easy, we hope the selection here will tickle your fancy. Anyway, let us enjoy what we have managed to find! Please enjoy our C2C ‘catghan’ free crochet patterns and find something to your liking.

Catghan C2C Blanket

This fabulous catghan was the main theme of a popular CAL started by the amazing Ink & Stitches. If you are a passionate cat-lover, this is undoubtedly the best crochet pattern you are going to find out there if you want to express your love to the furry creatures. Believe us, we have checked! A link to the free pattern is under the photo.

Designer: Ink & Stitches

Catghan C2C Blanket

Go to the pattern:

Catghan C2C Blanket

More info about Naturebatslast’s project additionally here.

Cover in Cats Afghan Free Crochet Pattern

Covered in Cats is a simple C2C corner to corner afghan. It is an easy, repeatable pattern perfect for beginners. The blanket has three large cats in typical feline poses: a curious one peeking in, an alert one sitting upright (maybe his bowl was just filled?) and another just regally lazing around. It’s a blanket with kittycats basically being kittycats ;D

Skills: Easy   Designer : Rachel Misner

Cover in Cats Free Crochet Pattern

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Cover in Cats Afghan

Cats Afghan Free Crochet Pattern

The cats afghan is a little different, It’s a beautiful example of a project demonstrating interlocking geometric shapes that happen to be very cat-like… or is that cats being very geometric shape-like? Evidently it’s hard to tell, and that’s the beautiful mystery of this project.

designer: Sandra Miller Maxfield


Go to the pattern:

Cats Afghan

More info about photo project here.

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