A mitered granny square blanket and a crocheted afghan.

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Even more geometric amazingness!

Although we recently looked at similar mitered projects, we haven’t really scratched the tip of the iceberg. To this point, here are some mitered granny square blanket patterns that will demonstrate the amazing versatility of lines joined at an angle. In addition to the mitered lines which are the central topic of this square, you can also add other motifs, such as a central rosette at the center of the miter yielding an eccentric “central” theme. Therefore, please explore these wonderful ideas and miter away!

Mitered Granny Square Blanket

This attractive project has a wonderful, traditional texture as well as the classic miter angles. Another key point is, of course, that it’s easy and highly customizable in size: just add more squares!

Mitered Granny Square

The full article about this pattern is here:

Mitered Granny Square

More info about project photographed here.


Daisy in the Corner Square Blanket Tutorial

Lastly, here is another mitered granny square blanket with a rosette. Indeed, this is a beautiful example of how to use an eccentric motif to really draw the eye and set the tone for each square. Though it may look more complicated, in fact only the rosette is of any possible concern.

Go to the tutorial by Ophelia Talks:

Here is amazing version of this blanket form Instagram:

photo: serap_arikan_/Instagram


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