Vintage Chevron Blankets

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Ripple blankets like just like grandma used to make

The trouble with some vintage patterns is that although we all have fond memories of items made in this way, it’s not always easy to get instructions to recreate them. For example, a vintage rippling blanket is one such project, However, thanks to the goodwill of some crocheters such patterns also become available today. Seeing that this pattern grows very rapidly  and the yarn gauge is not important, you can use any yarn and hook combo you want. Consequently, this is great for using what you have, and not running out to the store to buy more. Therefore, below, you will find the most beautiful realizations of this pattern we have ever seen.

Confetti Ripple Blanket

The confetti vintage ripple blanket is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful, wavy rippling blankets embodied. Therefore, it will also be a cherished item, and possibly an heirloom in the fullness of time.

confetti ripple

Vintage Rippling Blocks/ Stitch –  visit the pattern site.

Yarn and details about Confetti Ripple Blanket here.

Vintage Rippling Throw

Secondly, this VERY vintage ripple blanket is an absolute gem. It will indisputably, help you build that maison-de-grand-mère spirit in your home. Moreover, this will be a great classic touch in a modern home as well, not just in a quaint 300 year old cottage.

vintage rippling blocks

Vintage Rippling Blocks/ Stitch –  visit the pattern site.

More details about yarn and tips how to make Vintage Rippling Throw you will find here.

Vintage Chevron Blanket

Analogous to the projects above, this vintage ripple blanket is also a classic touch and a bit of an antidote to the sometimes harsh lines of modern interiors. Moreover, the pictures just don’t do full justice to the full effect of the shaded pinks and reds interspersed by a mono grey.

vintage chevron blanket

Vintage Rippling Blocks/ Stitch –  visit the pattern site.

For details about Vintage Chevron Baby Blanket go here.

Vintage Rippling Blocks Blanket

This blanket is another one in the same mold of vintage ripple blankets. However, in this case, the colors are grouped to make it look like there are a series of color gradients compounded to make the blanket.

vintage rippling blocks

Vintage Rippling Blocks/ Stitch –  visit the pattern site.

For details about Vintage Rippling Blocks Blanket go here.

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  1. Julie evans says:

    Beautiful patterns and designs for blankets

  2. like the gingham blanket pattern; will reduce the size and make cotton dishcloths

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