Crocheted minions and chickens in different colors.

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Bunnies ahoy! So, we haven’t really concentrated on Easter what with Christmas and New Year’s and Valentine’s.

However, this holiday is approaching fast as well, so let’s get ready. Among glazed ham recipe, Easter sides and Easter desserts, find time for crochet creative ideas. Maybe some of your family team members can help you in advance, so you will have more time to crochet?

Indeed, after Christmas, Easter is probably the most loved holiday by kids. Therefore, let’s crochet up some funny and cute Easter basket stuffer ideas that will put them in the spirit.

Overall, each one of these is a little gem that can be used to decorate or put into gift baskets. That said, the best place will be a funny addition to the Easter egg hunt. Without a doubt, they’d be an absolute great ideas amongst all the jelly beans and chocolate and candy eggs.

So gather your crochet hook, yarn in spring colors, crochet mojo and immerse yourself in Easter-inspired creativity. Explore our fun ideas with free crochet patterns to spark your imagination and festive mood. These patterns below make your Easter celebration unforgettable this year! And, what’s more, you can always reuse it the years to come.

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Easter Egg Minions

The really neat thing about cute Easter basket ideas is that they can be a bit off the wall. Thus, here is a kids’ favorite that will help diversify Easter egg hunting this year.

Designer: Ananda Judkins

Easter Egg Minions

The original pattern and the photos are available at The Lazy Hobby Hopper:

Easter Egg Minions

Eggstremely Cosy Set

Next, here is an easy pattern for an egg cosy set. To summarize, these cute Easter dinner ideas are great!

Since you can make an amigurumi hen to decorate your home or garden. Moreover, they can also be a cosy to hide and egg inside for Easter egg hunting. Better still, it will be a funny theme addition to a bottle of wine when visiting friends on Easter dinner.

Designer: Corinne Frieden

Eggstremely Cosy Set of Easter Hens

The original pattern and the photos are available on  The Very Savvy Snail blog:

Eggstremely Cosy Set

Easter Egg

Finally, here is the the most elegant and sweet of this list of cute Easter ideas. It is super easy to personalize with cross-stiched flowers, tree branches etc. Indeed, it’s probably the most traditional, and certainly most decorative egg nice and cosy idea in this compilation. Among boiled egg nice crochet egg will give a unique look to your Easter basket.

Designer:  Tiffy Purisa

Easter Egg

The original pattern and the photos are available at Ravelry:

Easter Egg

Bunny Towel Topper

A bunny towel topper will make a Holiday expression and finish the whole Easter look of your kitchen. You can use it for crochet dish towels and any dish towel you have at home.

Designer:  Tonya BushBunny Towel Topper

The original pattern and the photos are available here:

Bunny Towel Topper

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