Afghan Crochet Block

Double Cross Cable is a favourite crochet stitch and one of most popular. Found on designz.shibaguyz (thank You!) Need in many projects as very spectacular and effective. Mixing different colors gets beautiful final design. Every crochet fan can try if will follow precise instruction attached in farther part of this article. Blanket, throw, bedspread are… Read more

Sweetheart Amigurumi Duck

Free Crochet Pattern Many funny and miracle amigurumi toys can be found among crochet free patterns but this one belongs to the special project. Kids will love her at once, your time will not be lost. Perfectly designed with head, body, skirt, thumb, tail, legs, neck, beak, the bottom part of the beak, and eyebrows!… Read more

Babies Crochet Poncho [Free Pattern]

This hooded poncho is within the free pattern and for every crocheter. Little baby can be dressed up with this cloth when outside is not so warm during spring or summer. Soft and delicate yarn guarantee good feeling in this. Share your final art in our facebook group Like US on Facebook [spider_facebook id="1"] >… Read more

Patriot Princess Afhgan [Free]

This square afghan is an original and effective blanket not difficult to do. Choose the colors according your mind, but this one is based on pink and blue domination. More free crochet patterns? join our facebook group If you enjoyed this article please share and Like our Facebook page. Thanks! [spider_facebook id="1"] Patriot Princess Afghan… Read more