Collection to Cuddle [18 Amigurumi Free Crochet Patterns]


Now you see all of this amazing collection together.  18 different animals just about of the same size. You can make just your favorite toys or collect them all. You can find these amazing patterns from Amigurumi Today in one place, and choose the order you would like to make them in.
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Photo: Amigurumi Today 

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  1. The patterns above on Amigurumi Today are NOT free. I have tried contacting them – they should advertise that there are free patterns when they are not. When you click on the download PDF it sends you to another page where the prices for each pattern are listed.

  2. I think someone maybe using your pattern as their own.
    Search for ” Harry Potter inspired crochet teddy “.
    I tried to put the link but it wouldnt let me.
    I’m not 100% sure but thought you might like to take a look.
    It was mostly the shape of the legs i recognised so see what you think.
    Kind regards

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