Cute Christmas gnomes

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Welcome to Christmas Gnomes’ magical crochet house. All these funny little creatures want is for you and your lovely family to have fun this winter. Transform Christmas into an adventure by letting these undeniably adorable gnomes into your house. They will bring joy to your children, families, and friends! What is your favorite gnome going to be like? Crochet a whole bunch of them to find out! The links to free patterns are under the photos.

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Free Crochet Patterns for Santa Claus Gnome

Santa Claus Gnome

Although it’s in the tradition of Scandinavian Christmas gnomes, these Santa munchkins are definitely their own creation. Indeed, these two decorative amis will be a wonderful touch to a Christmas mantlepiece or table. These cute little gnomes will really make your home ready for Christmas!

Designer: Lindsey Dale

photos by Lindsey Dale

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Mrs Claus Gnome

The Mrs. Claus gnome in the pictures below is another adorable amigurumi by Lindsey Dale and it is a wonderful, funny addition to your Christmas decorations. In time, it will be a loved and cherished decoration that your kids will look forward to.

Designer: Lindsey Dale

santa claus gnome

photos by Lindsey Dale

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Scandinavian Santa Gnome Amigurumi

This adorable Scandinavian Santa Gnome in the pictures below was made by ChiWei Ranck and it’s simply the sweetest little huggable friend to crochet for Christmas. It’s going to be the cutest gift for your family and friends, or just a cool piece of decor, that will last you for years to come!

Designer: ChiWei Ranck

Scandinavian Santa Gnome

photos by ChiWei Ranck

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Free Crochet Patterns for Christmas Gnomes

Danish Christmas Gnome

I’m absolutely in love with Nordic and Scandinavian decor, aren’t you? Well, crocheting these gnomes is a fantastic opportunity to be simply enchanted with how simple and magical this decor is! Like for instance these cute gnomes in the pictures below, they will be the best windowsill decoration and happily meet your guests!

Designer: Maria La Larga

Danish Christmas Gnome Free Crochet Pattern

photos by Maria La Larga

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Christmas Gnome

So how cute are these tiny fellows by Vira Velmozhna in the pictures below? Just look at their tangled white beards! Make a whole squad of the gnomes, leave some of them for yourself and send the rest to your friends and family in order to spread the Christmas spirit everywhere.

Designer: Vira Velmozhna

Christmas Gnome

photos by Vira Velmozhna

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Gnome Bottle Topper

If you’re looking for not only a quick, but also a unique gift, that will make a homemade syrup or a bottle of wine look really special, you have to check out these adorable gnomes bottle toppers! They were made by Tonya Bush and will be perfect to put a more seasonal touch to your gift.

Designer: Tonya Bush

Gnome Bottle Topper

photos by Nana’s Crafty Home

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Scandinavian Christmas Gnome

Gnomes are marvelous holiday decorations. You can easily put them almost anywhere – on shelves, windowsills; they also can be hanged on a Christmas tree. You can also make them in any color – they can be green (greenish??), golden or silver, so in any color to match your Holiday interior. They will also be perfect as a Christmas gift.

Designer: Amy Skinner

Christmas Gnome Free Crochet Pattern

photos by Amy’s Crochet Cave

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Shy Christmas Gnome

Decorate your home for Christmas with these beautiful and charming gnomes with Christmas hats who shyly hide under the hood. They’re crocheted by Hobbii Design in our gorgeous Rainbow cotton yarn, and the beard is made from Polar yarn from Lammy which is perfect for beards, hair etc. Enjoy!

Designer: Hobbii Design

Shy Christmas Gnome Free Crochet Pattern

photos by Hobbii

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Easy Christmas Gnome

Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat. Come and put a gnome into the old man’s hat! Gnomes are unquestionably a great and amusing Christmas decoration. I love them because they can be placed almost anywhere; generally they can be a Christmas tree ornament too. This gnome pattern below was made by IlDikko and it is very easy and quick, so it can be great especially for quick gifts!

Designer:  IlDikko

christmas gnome

photos by IlDikko Crochet

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Scandinavian Gnome

Gnomes are one of the most adorable amigurumi you can make for Holiday time, because they instantly set up the mood and make your home look ready for Christmas. These adorable gnomes in the pictures below are really quite simple to make and it’s totally possible to whip out one or two on a lazy evening.

Designer: Nerissa Muijs

Scandinavian Gnome Free Crochet Pattern

photos by missneriss

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Mini Norwegian Gnome

Generally, you don’t have to use white and red to make a traditional gnome. With its obviously characteristic shape, it is hard to mistake it for something else. That allows you to make a Christmas gnome in any colour still matching your Christmas decor. Like for instance this cutie by Ninja Cat Crafts in the pictures below!

Designer: Ninja Cat Crafts

Mini Norwegian Gnome

photos by Ninja Cat Crafts

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  1. Paula Sibert says:

    Cute decorations

  2. I’ve always feared dolls since I was a little girl. Something about the eyes, I think. But I LOVE the gnomes. No eyes to follow me round and try to steal my soul. I think….. anyway…lol I wanted to thank you for sharing this group of patterns. They are all adorable in their own way and easy to follow.

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