Baby Goose, Bird and Duck Crochet Patterns



Crochet goose or Peking duck? Not to worry, this little guys will take care of all your waterfowl needs. This is an easy and infinitely variable project that will enable you to create a whole menagerie of ami birds, for those special kids in your life, or just for you for that amigurumi decorative set you’ve always wanted. Make, enjoy and keep on crocheting.  A link to the free pattern is at the end of the post.

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Baby Goose Crochet Pattern:

SkillsIntermediate      Designer: Olga Lukoshkina

Go to the pattern:

Baby Goose Free Crochet Pattern


Baby Bird Free Crochet Pattern:


SkillsIntermediate      Designer: Amigurumi Today

Go to the pattern:

Amigurumi Bird Free Crochet Pattern


Amigurumi Duck Free Crochet Pattern:

SkillsIntermediate      Designer: Grace and Yarn

Amigurumi cute ducks free crochet pattern

Go to the pattern:

Amigurumi Duck Free Crochet Pattern


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    1. i love everything….i have a few things started now , and keep starting another when i see something different……my great grand kids have so many little crochet and knitted things that i have made them…keep up the free patterns…i will eventually get to do them…xxxx

  1. I enjoy this site. My sister and I would always Crochet together. She pass away in 2008 and I have not did much crochet after that.

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