The Knit Stitch Free Crochet Pattern

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Knitted items look elegant with their simplicity. But most of us, devoted to crochet hooks, don’t like knitting or don’t have enough time or motivation to learn… So if you like the knitted-look and texture it’s time for some good news. Now you can obtain it with a hook using  the free pattern and video tutorial made by Jess from MakeAndDoCrew. What you will love about it, is the fact that the knit stitch (AKA the waistcoat or center single crochet stitch)  is worked using only… single crochets. With a few tips from this tutorial you will a master of the knit stitch in no time!
A link to the free pattern is at the end of the post. 
SkillsEasy        Designer  MakeAndDoCrewThe Knit Stitch Free Crochet Pattern

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Go to the pattern: 

The Knit Stitch Free Crochet Pattern

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