A collage of different knit hats.

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It has been a really, really long time since we’ve delved into hats. Not surprisingly, there are lots of new developments in the world of crochet headwear. So, here are a few selections to keep your head warm, your outfit stylish and your fingers occupied this fall and winter. These are gorgeous crochet hats, ranging from the classic to the modern, and from stylish to playful. You will definitely find something you like. And, of course, there is always room to customize and enjoy modifications. Heads up!

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Granny Square Beret

Let’s start with a classic, a beret with granny square crochet. This beautiful piece is best worn on a jaunty angle to the side or back of the head. This super easy pattern is made in rounds and has a denser border/headband to help retain it on your head. As it’s quite quick, you can make one in numerous colors, matching a whole array of outfits.

Granny square beret free crochet pattern.

The original pattern and the photos are available on Yarnspiration.com blogGranny Square Beret

Sassy Autumn Hat

Let’s jump from the classic to the playful. This autumn hat is a fabulous take on the beanie, with a very classy decorative touch – the button. You will achieve the best effect using fall or earth tone colors, especially with mottled yarns.

Sassy autumn hat crochet pattern.

The original pattern and the photos are available on Nana’s Crafty Home : Sassy Autumn Hat


Flower Cloche Hat

The cloche (lit. lampshade) is a style of beanie that has a downturned brim. This one is made using a lighter yarn but with denser stitches. The end result is that it will be better for a windier day. Also, the tight weave makes it better suited to an elegant outfit than something more airy. The little flower applique, finally, is a beautiful and crowning touch.

Flower cloche hat crochet pattern.

The original pattern and the photos are available here : Flower Cloche Hat

Brick Beanie

Finally, the last project for you to try: Brick Beanie. The Brick Beanie is an super easy pattern among all crochet hats and is based on the combination of simple and double crochet stitches.

A crochet beanie on a wood surface.

The original pattern and the photos are available here : Brick Beanie


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