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Tunisian Saloniki Ribbed Stitch

It’s technique time!

So, it’s time to learn a new technique, the Tunisian Saloniki Stitch. This is a fun and easy technique for making moderately dense and medium-textured blanket and afghan projects. Of course, you can adapt it to other types of projects as well. After all, it’s a very versatile and useful stitch. That said it’s also highly customizable, so you can experiment with colors as well as yarn types and weights. Additionally, it’s simply fun and challenging to do something totally different, such as a new technique to re-interpret some of your favorite projects.

Tunisian Saloniki Stitch

To begin with, here is a project that looks like it’s knitted. Overall, the Tunisian ribbed stitch here uses a Tunsian simple stitch and the Tunisian full stitch to yield a beautiful, almost herringbone effect interspersed with parallel portions.

The original pattern and the photos are available on blog:

Saloniki Stitch


0ffset Saloniki Square

And here is another varioation of the Tunisian Saloniki Stitch. While the basic technique is the same, it uses an offset to create a discontinuous effect. Thus, this crochet style creates a very soft and cozy afghan, that has a fairly prominent texture of diagonal bands of Saloniki stitching.

Offset Saloniki Square

The original pattern and the photos are available on blog:

Offset Saloniki Square


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