The Easiest Beanie Ever Free Crochet Patterns

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Do you find yourself in a dire need of a woolen hat? Is the weather forecast bad for tonight? Or have the forecasters missed their mark entirely (you know: today it will be warm and sunny; whereas in reality it’s cold and miserable)? Well this beanie project is easy-peasy, uses one simple stitch and works up in no time, so that you can have a beanie in no time flat. It’s also great for that last moment gift, when you’ve done all your shopping, the cooking is all taken care of, you are just about to sit in your favorite chair… and then you do a face palm: “I don’t have anything for so-and-so! Aaaaargh!” Well, never fear. Now you do. A link to the free pattern is below photos.

The Easiest Hat Ever Free Crochet Pattern

I’m sure you will love this beginner-friendly pattern in seven sizes for kids from preemie to adult.
Skills:  Easy    Designer:  Jess Coppom

The Easiest Hat Ever Free Crochet Pattern

Go to the pattern:

The Easiest Hat Ever

Beanie in 30 Minutes Free Crochet Pattern

If you are really rushed, try the beanie in 30 minutes. It’s really that quick. Using thick yarn and loose stitching this toque will be ready in a half an hour. Imagine that, a new handmade hat over lunchtime!


Skills: Intermediate   Designer: Ashley Konecny

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