A collage of crocheted accessories, including a hat and a bag.

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Add a touch of style to any outfit with crochet accessories.

There are many ways to incorporate crochet into your wardrobe, but the best one is with crochet accessories. This category might seem huge because it includes scarves, hats, jewelry, bags, and much more. Combine different stitches and select the right materials to create unique accessories. Such personalized items will reflect your style better than anything else.

Why choose crochet accessories?

These crochet projects are not only a fun way to add style to any outfit, but also practical and versatile everyday items. The range of sizes and styles is big enough for every crocheter to find a pattern for any occasion. What’s more, it’s often a budget option, especially if you take inspiration from high-end designer pieces!

You can use all kinds of stitches and techniques to make your unique crochet accessories. It’s a win-win situation because you learn while making something spectacular! For example, you can use lace stitches to create a delicate crochet shawl, or dense Catherine’s wheel stitch for an eye-catching bag. Many techniques combine style with functionality, so choose the one that ticks all the boxes.

Types of crochet accessories

Crochet Scarfs and Shawls

 delicate summer shawl the best patterns

Scarves and shawls are definitely among the most popular crochet accessories, as they can feature a variety of styles. From light and airy, to thick and cozy – these pieces will come in handy all year round. Choose the colors that showcase your personal style, or make some as gifts. Such a present is not only unique and stylish but also practical and easy to make.

Crochet Hats, Headbands and Beanies

Warm Slouchy Hats For Winter Free Crochet Patterns

Crochet headwear is another category that appeals to crocheters of all skill levels. You can make them in a variety of styles, ranging from simple beanies to intricate mosaic pieces. While crochet headbands and ear warmers work up extremely quickly and are the easiest to make, crochet hats and beanies aren’t time-consuming either.

While bulky winter hats will keep your head warm during winter days, sunhats will be perfect for summer heatwave. There are tons of free crochet patterns to choose from – featuring different styles and stitches. Speaking about winter – crochet gloves and mittens will come in handy in any wardrobe.

Let’s not forget about baby accessories here because gifts of baby hats and headbands make all parents happy.

Crochet Bags, Totes and Purses

Beach Bag Free Patterns

If you’re following current trends, you know that crochet bags have had a great comeback in recent years. Granny square totes, circular bags, lacy market bags, and small pouches – they are so hot right now. Not only are they functional, but also extremely stylish.

Choose big crochet tote bags if you tend to carry a lot of stuff around, or a tiny handbag if all you need is a cell phone. Crochet market bags will come in handy in the kitchen and during trips to the farmer’s market.

Crochet Jewelry

Elegant and Quick Bracelet Free Crochet Pattern


Last but not least, let’s talk about crochet jewelry because this is a type of art on its own! We’re thinking of crochet necklaces, crochet earrings, and brooches. These designs do not use yarn only, but also other materials, such as wire, thread, or beads. Many of these projects use free crochet patterns for various elements, such as crochet flowers, granny squares, or else.

What yarn to choose?

First of all, get familiar with yarn types to decide what qualities you’re looking for. If you’re using a specific pattern, the pattern notes will tell you exactly what kind of materials you need. Consider the texture and weight of the yarn or thread, when selecting materials for your crochet accessories.

Crochet shawls and scarves may use both very light yarn and bulky ones, depending on the style and season they are designed for. To make hats and beanies, go for wool, blends and acrylic yarns. Cotton yarn will be great for market bags, but rope or twine will help you achieve a rustic look.

You will often find cotton and wool yarns because they are soft, durable and versatile. You can also use blends, which tend to be more colorful and offer a bigger range of textures.

Where to look for crochet accessories free patterns?

On our website, of course! There are hundreds of free crochet patterns for crochet accessories here, so I’m sure you’ll find the perfect one.

Many designers offer written patterns along with video tutorials, or step-by-step instructions. In case of trouble, you can always reach out to online communities and forums to get help from fellow crocheters.

Great Crochet Accessories Patterns to Try

Have fun with those and enjoy your new looks!


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