What You Need To Know About Crochet Headbands

What You Need To Know About Crochet Headbands
Two crocheted headbands with flowers on them.

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Not many of the fashion crochet accessories come in so many styles as headbands.

The crochet headband is an expression of your style. It can be created in various ways, such as with several granny squares or decorative appliqué. Alternatively, it can be a plain crochet rectangle. Whichever it is, you will look stunning and feel comfortable in one.

This understated headwear is also the easiest way to make your outfit more intriguing while also keeping it functional. Many of the headbands are made with chunky yarn to add texture and warmth. Acting as an ear warmer, the crochet headband is more than just another accessory in your drawer.

The free crochet ear warmer patterns come with many different techniques. From beginner crocheter’s favourite single crochet, through the great looking shell stitch, to even cable crochet effect. Every crochet project is a chance to practice and elevate your skill level. Let’s then see how to make them step by step.

Crochet Headband Types


Probably the first thing that comes to mind when we hear about headbands is the association with earwarmers. There is a reason behind that, as both are quite the same. The characteristic of an ear warmer is its softness. That’s achieved with more voluminous yarn, usually made out of wool.

The next season you will keep your ears warm with chunky crochet earwarmer. The great example is The Easiest Earwarmer Ever. It works up quickly, both in kids and adult sizes.

Crochet Earwarmers

Check out The Easiest Earwarmer Ever Free Crochet Pattern.

Hair Band

The most classic type of a headband. It is the one that’s just keeping our hair tight and in place. It is both decorative and practical.

In summer, it is especially useful as it keeps hair out of the way. It’s also great for styling, like making a messy bun with it.

Women who have grown out their bangs at least once understand the importance of a good headband. It is essential to their hairstyle and to keeping the hair grow. You see how it is a matter of beauty an practicality.

Look how stylish and comfortable those Summer Crochet Headbands Free Patterns are. They are quick and easy to make in all head sizes.

Crochet Hair Band

See the Summer Crochet Headbands Free Patterns.

Baby Headband

A cute little headband is a great addition to a baby’s look. It’s soft, it’s easily adjustable hence it won’t irritate the sensitive skin. Put an appliqué on it, and the cuteness overload is guaranteed! Zero waste and budget-friendly solution for any special occasion, like christening or 1st birthday, like these Adorable Baby Headbands.

Very often those crochet projects come with a size chart. Thanks to that it’s easy to adjust the baby crochet headband to all head sizes. With bulky weight yarn you can create something even faster. It will also be very gentle on baby’s hair.

Baby Crochet Headbands

Browse Baby Headband Free Crochet Patterns.

Fun Headbands

Last but not least, we’ve got all the fun and whimsical headbands. Remember, those are not only for kids and you can make them for adults too. Simply adjust the free crochet pattern to the adult head sizes.

Those are your kitty ears, your scary Halloween-themed construction, your rainbow statement headbands, your little gentleman’s top hat. Everything that you can imagine attached to the headband to just have some fun. Check out some animal appliques to start decorating your next project the easy way.

Fun Crochet Headbands

Browse Cool Crochet Headbands Free Patterns.

How To Choose Yarn for Headband

Every crochet pattern comes with a suggested yarn. The headband is a piece that you will wear close to your skin. When deciding on your crochet project, it is important to take into account the weather and how you will feel doing it.

Yarn weight

Depending on the purpose of your crochet headband, you may adjust your yarn weight accordingly. If you are making the Autumn-Winter headwarmer that has to keep you toasty and healthy, go for chunky yarn. The bulky yarn weight protects the ears and make the crochet project works up quickly.

It is different during spring-summer season. The goal is to keep your hair tamed and look cute during warmer months. To achieve this, choose a yarn that is thinner than a worsted weight yarn. The midground is always an option for classic crochet headbands and baby versions of all head sizes.

Yarn composition

What your yarn is made out from is probably the most crucial factor. You don’t want anything itchy at any point, so acrylic is definitely not a good choice. You will appreciate the breathable fibers, like cotton yarn, during the Summer.

During colder moths you want to enjoy more delicate touch. Mohair or even cashmere yarn is perfect for warming up. Be especially careful when making the baby headband. Check for the baby’s allergies and parent’s recommendations, if it’s to be a gift.

To ease your way in, see the What Do We Mean by Yarn Weight article by Yarnspirations.

Tip for Crocheting Headbands

When making all of your headpieces you have to keep in mind two basics that will change everything.

First of all,  make sure you are keeping you lines straight. In headbands it’s easily visible whether every crochet row is kept in line. They should also be very even and parallel to the head piece’s borders.

Another important factor is to keep the proper tension. Of course all crochet patterns require the proper balance when it comes to the tension. It should be high enough to keep the texture tight, but low enough to make the whole item work.

Your crochet earwarmer or headband should not be too tight. If they are, they will not be elastic or adjustable enough for your head. Not to mention the pressure and discomfort you will feel. If too loose though, they will loose their beauty.

If you are worried that your beginner skills will not get you there, try bulky yarn and bigger crochet hook. This easy adjustment will make all the small discrepancies less visible. Both crochet earwarmer and crochet headband patterns can be modified. Make the design work for your skill level and your needs.

Great Headband Patterns to Try

Now, when you know everything about crocheting headbands you’re ready to start your project. All you need to do is to decide on a pattern, like one of the amazing free crochet patterns below.

From a warm and cozy ear warmer to cute baby crochet headband. We have them all and we want you to browse all our great free crochet patterns. Have fun and enjoy your new crochet project.

Searching for more amazing crochet headband free patterns? Check our selection of 21 Best Free Crochet Headband Patterns we have prepared for you.


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