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There are many crochet headbands styles and types, and luckily, we have them all. The finest selection of the best free crochet patterns is right here.

We have prepared this collection for you so that you no longer have to look for your perfect piece. A plethora of amazing crochet headbands and earwarmers have been designed and share for your use.

In order to get started your next project the best way, see What You Need To Know About Crochet Headbands. You will find there everything you need to know. From information on different headband styles, to proper crochet tips. You are all covered.


Crochet Headband Free Patterns

1. Riverside Headband Earwarmer

Two in one the best way, that’s exactly what the earwarmer headband is. Designed to stylishly keep you warm and toasty during cold or windy days. It’s also a great way to use the leftover yarn from crochet hat or scarf projects. The simple twist on the front is a classic earwarmer look that you will see in many designs.

Riverside Headband Earwarmer

The full article about this pattern is here: thestitchinmommy.com.

2. Crochet Headband

This crochet headband, a tri-band if you will, is super easy to make and takes no time to finish. As it consists of three separate parts, it will keep a huge part of your hair just in place. The use of elastic as a closure is smart and very effective.

Crochet Headband

Download the pattern from Ravelry.

3. Lacy Crochet Kerchief

A kerchief is a romanticized version of a bandana. Great solution for those who want to introduce delicate, feminine touches to their daily style. It can be made with any kind of yarn, just match it with your style. The lacy crochet headband like this is a perfect summer accessory that will also protect you from the sun.

Lacy Crochet Kerchief

The full article about this pattern is on Kristen Ten Dyke website. More info about the project on Ravelry.

4. Grey Crown

Crochet headbands don’t have to be plain, simple or boring. They do also in many shapes and forms, like this cute crown model. Every little princess will appreciate such addition to their look, not only for the carnival season.

Grey Crown Crochet Headband

The original pattern is available at Ravelry.

5. C’s Kierchief

Another amazing kerchief, this time slightly bigger to fully cover your head and hair. The crochet pattern is very simple to make, hence the encouragement to make several colors at once. With such a collection your summer looks are all sorted and your hair is properly tamed.

C's Kierchief

The original pattern is available at Ravelry.

6. Simple Flower Headband

Crochet flower motif is very popular in headband patterns, especially those dedicated to kids. No wonder as it elevates the simple design in such an easy way. Here the flowers are introduces in a form of chunky crochet lace which you can adjust by changing the yarn weight.

Simple Flower Headband

The full article and the pattern are available on the sweetpotato3.com website.

7. Twist It Your Way Headband

Twist the way you style your headwear by simply crafting an easy crochet headband. Plain structure makes it easy to crochet and gives a bit of coverage and warmth. A proper earwarmer with a bit of a styling out there is a mid-season essential.

Twist It Your Way Headband

The full article and the pattern are available on the craftingforweeks.com website.

8. Crochet Coffee Bean Ear Warmer

A bean stitch used in this free crochet ear warmer pattern creates wonderfully bulky structure. Especially in parts where it’s made with greater gauge. The button closure is forgiving when it comes to sizing so you won’t have to measure everything so neatly.

Crochet Coffee Bean Ear Warmer

The full article and the pattern are available on the leftinknots.com website.

9. Colorful Crochet Velvet Twist Headbands

Nothing is more gentle to the hair than a proper velvet yarn. This crochet headband will not only look cute, but also take care of your hair. No more broken strands, no more pulling your beautiful hair. Make a messy bun and decorate keep your ears warm at the same time.

All that makes it a perfect choice for babies who’s hair are even more delicate. The pattern is easy to adjust in size, especially as Daisy Farm Crafts designer gives some additional tips on that.

Colorful Crochet Velvet Twist Headbands

The full article and the pattern are available on the daisyfarmcrafts.com website.

10. Princess Crown

A proper crown is what every little (and adult) princess needs. Modern princesses are all about handmade crowns to emphasise their independence and capability. This one can be made with just some basic crochet techniques, like single crochet and double crochet. Add some embellishment for more of a glam flare.

Princess Crown

The full article about this pattern is here: irarott.com. More info about the project is on Ravelry.

11. Free Crochet Flower Headband

Tat crochet headpiece is an example of extremely cute baby crochet headband. Decorated with some crochet flower appliqués it will look amazing on little girls. Nevermind girls, a full grown up women also deserve to be spoiled with such crochet headband!

Free Crochet Flower Headband

The full article and the pattern are available on the makeanddocrew.com website.

12. Easy Cotton Headband

If you are about to make just one crochet headband, may it be this one. The basic project by Shelly Diaz will serve you for years to come. It will look great with everyday casual outfits, but also with more elevated ones.

Convince yourself to make your wardrobe in two or three basic colors. This will ensure it matches the majority of your items. This crochet project works up quickly so that’s an easy task to complete.

Easy Cotton Headband

The original pattern and the photos are available at Ravelry.

13. Unicorn Mane Headband

A piece that’s perfect for carnival or school dance bal has arrived! Make your kid feel special with a unicorn crochet headband. All the magical colors and fun, but easy crochet stitches are there to make the final effect. Combined together by The Knotty Red Head, it truly is a unique free crochet pattern.

Worsted weight yarn will do just fine for smaller head sizes. For adult sizes more bulky weight yarn might be better.

Unicorn Mane Headband

The full article and the pattern are available on the theknottyredhead.com website.

14. Crochet Animal Ears Headbands

Another cute crochet pattern that helps you make a zero waste kid item. Choose from smart fox, cute bear or adorable little bambi deer. These crochet headbands would make a great kid’s party accessory. Perfect for toddlers and older children, they bring joy to everyone.

Crochet Animal Ears Headbands

The full article and the pattern are available on the whistleandivy.com website.

15. Michigan Mountain Crochet Ear Warmer

When going skiing or hiking in the winter mountains you cannot go without this accessory. Crochet earwarmer that thick and comfortable at the same time is not that easy to make. However, with this free crochet ear warmer pattern you will not be disappointed. You will though keep your ears warm and look great.

Michigan Mountain Crochet Ear Warmer

The full article and the pattern are available on the crochet365knittoo.com website.

16. Rainbow Bright Headband

Not only during the Pride Month, but during the whole year you will wear this rainbow headband. The beginner friendly pattern is so fun and cheerful that you will do anything to wear it. Thankfully, Stardust Gold Crochet has designed it to be super comfy. All you need to add to his equation is a proper cotton yarn to make it breathable and soft.

Rainbow Bright Headband

The full article and the pattern are available on the stardustgoldcrochet.com website.

17. Double Shell Headband

If you’re looking for a crochet headband that’s both decorative and easy to were, you’ve found it. The double shell stitch ensures the unique and beautiful texture.

The stretchy back part has been deliberately made thinner, so that it’s even more comfortable to wear. It also makes it work for different head sizes.

Double Shell Headband

The full article and the pattern are available on the hooksandheels.blogspot.com website.

18. Slightly Twisted Ear Warmer

Slightly twisted, yet largely warming. This headpiece will keep you toasty and warm during even coldest days. It has been designed to be classic and timeless without becoming boring.

Use the bulky weight yarn for a cozy effect. This easy to intermediate skill level project might be challenging. It surely is worth the time. You will wear this crochet earwarmer for many seasons and you can work on your crochet skill level.

Slightly Twisted Ear Warmer

The full article and the pattern are available on the hookedonhomemadehappiness.com website.

19. Easy Cable Crochet Ear Warmer

The cable knit style never goes out of rotation. Every season, when the colder days come, we all take the cable-themed clothes and accessories from our closets. So let’s craft a great crochet cable ear warmer that will become your autumn-winter essential.

This style works up quickly, especially if made with bulky weight yarn. Use the worsted weight yarn for more delicate result.

Easy Cable Crochet Ear Warmer

The full article and the pattern are available on the desertblossomcrafts.com website.

20. Katuna Headband

Last but not least, the Katuna crochet headband is another take on the classic style. Proper wide crochet piece with a simple front twist is everything you need. The magic that all crocheters will appreciate is how the ends are sewn together.

However, for more details you’d have to check the original pattern linked below the picture. The designer has shared well guided free crochet headband pattern.

Katuna Headband by Noowul

The full article and the pattern are available on the noowul.com website.

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