Variety of colored yarns are arranged on a white surface for wire crochet.

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This post contains affiliate links.

In crochet, you can easily add any creative style to the design. A crocheter learns new techniques by working on different styles and products. Wire crochet is a technique that uses wire instead of regular yarn for crochet. This type of crochet is much harder on the hands, and more of a technical skill, but it produces beautiful jewellery.

Since mistakes in wire crochet are less forgiving than in standard crochet (where you can easily rectify mistakes), you need to have at least some prior crocheting experience. For those without experience, local craft stores and communities can help in the journey. You can also browse the internet for tutorials, find books or even attend classes that will help you gain the required expertise. 

There are many free patterns and instruction materials available to help you practice, so don’t be afraid to start! Additionally, you can join various chat forums to exchange information and discuss ideas with fellow crochet enthusiasts.  

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Things to consider when learning wire crochet

If you want to try wire crochet, there are several things you needs to consider, and these include:

  1. The type of wire and gauge you’ll use
  2. The type of beads you will use
  3. Which crochet hook you will choose
  4. Which beads won’t be good for wire crochet


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Which type of wire and gauge should I use?

Crocheting is a bit straining sometimes, so you should avoid working with a thick, heavy wire. A thin wire in the range of 26 to 28 is the most preferred, however one can work with other gauges – such as 24. The wire type should be malleable and soft so that you can shape it with the hook, but also durable enough to hold the bead. Additionally, the wire must be strong enough to stretch out. Colored copper and fine silver wires are the most suitable wire type since they are not work-hardened by the hook and meet the need to remain malleable. You can find crochet wires packaged in various ways, such as: 

  • On spools.
  • Value packs of smaller spools of wire.
  • As a coiled wire.

These packages have their different advantages and disadvantages, such as:

  • Wires packaged on spools have enough wire to make as many projects as you may want and it is easy to unwind the wire.
  • The value packs of smaller spools of wire only work for projects where a small amount of wire is needed and also have a bit more waste. The excessive packaging of this wire can impact the environment depending on where and how it will be unpackaged, so keep it in mind.
  • The coiled wire can be challenging to sort out, so it is usually advisable to have empty spools so that you can wind the wire to them.

Each crafter has a preference in packaging, because each has different needs, so experiment which each type to find your ideal wire.

 wire and gauge

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What kind of beads I should use?

Beads are not a must in wire crochet, but by using them you can come up with nice jewellery and other product designs. With many types of beads available, the bead choice mostly depends on preference and pattern. One can pick either glass, crystal, or pearl beads, as well as pick any shape or texture. Additionally, you can try mixing different beads to see what you can do with them. 

Which crochet hook should I use?

A perfect wire crochet hook has two characteristics:

  • The hook should be one that you do not mind breaking/damaging in case something goes wrong. This means you should avoid using a high-value hook.
  • The hook must be strong and solidly built.

 wire crochet

Usually, when a wire rubs against your hook, the painting or coating might peel and also lead to breakage. You should use small steel crochet hooks or cheap aluminium hooks for wire crochet.

Don’t use these beads!

It is recommended to use beads that have an outside coating as this coating is at risk of that could coming off whilst you are crocheting due to it rubbing on the wire.

Materials needed in making wire crochet

Having known what to consider in wire crochet, you should now be able to select the required tools and materials. Having the right materials will ensure you do not make obvious mistakes and will also help you come up with your preferred product. 

 wire crochet

Some of the materials needed in wire crochet are:

  • Silver wire
  • Gauge
  • Clasp
  • Drawplate
  • Crochet hook
  • Jump rings
  • Small scissors or wire cutter

Some of the products that can be made using a wire crochet

By use of wire, beads, and creativity you can come up with a wide range of products such as:


These often include patterns that can either be for necklaces, bracelets or flower pendants.

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Wire crochet sculptures

Use your new skill to create a wire sculpture of just about anything. The only limit is your imagination. 

 Wire crochet sculptures

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Wire crochet ornaments

Various ornaments can be made using wire and depending on the occasion and preference. 

yarn colorfull balls

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Crochet bowls

Wire crochet can help make bowls that can be used for decoration purposes, gifting, and even storing things such as fruits. 

 yarn wire crochet bowl

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Wire crocheting can be a little bit technical and cause strain on your hands, you should make sure your hands are taken care of by taking frequent work breaks and in case of hand pains, make sure to stretch and rest your hands until the pain has subsided.

Even though the finished effects of wire crochet are awe inspiring and fun, you should be very cautious and practice your craft as mistakes can lead to needing to restart a project. Since some mistakes are not always predetermined, everyone in wire crocheting should always have this in mind.

Wire crochet is a versatile branch of crocheting, the finished products are always beautiful and you can make anything from a simple bracelet to complicated structures and sculptures.

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