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Stardust Melodies Stashbusting Blanket Crochet Pattern – A Beautiful Way to Use Up Leftover Yarn

Are you tired of seeing those small balls of yarn lying around in your craft drawer, taking up space and never being used? We have the perfect solution for you! The Stardust Melodies Stashbusting Blanket Crochet Pattern is the perfect way to use up those small odds and ends of yarn that seem to accumulate at the end of every project.

This beautiful and cozy blanket is made up of textured squares, using the ‘Begin the Beguine’ square pattern. It’s a perfect project for crochet enthusiasts who love to play with textures and experiment with different yarn types. The textured squares also give the blanket an eye-catching appeal that is sure to impress.

The pattern was designed by Polly Plum, a crochet designer who has a knack for creating beautiful designs that are perfect for beginners and experts alike. She designed this pattern to help crochet enthusiasts use up their leftover yarn in a fun and creative way. With the Stardust Melodies Stashbusting Blanket Crochet Pattern, you’ll be able to turn those small odds and ends of yarn into a warm and cozy blanket that you’ll love to snuggle up in.

The blanket is perfect for those who love hands-on activities and want to create something that is both beautiful and practical. With its square blanket design, it’s perfect for snuggling up on the couch or throwing over your bed for an extra layer of warmth on chilly nights. The blanket size is adjustable depending on how many squares you choose to make and how much yarn you have available.

The pattern is available for free and includes all the information you need to create this beautiful blanket. It’s a great project for those who are looking for a challenge and want to learn new crochet stitches. With the textured squares, you’ll be able to create teachable touches that are perfect for exploring different yarn textures – from scratchy to slippery to silky or soft.

To get started on this project, all you need is a hook and some yarn. You can use any type of yarn you have available, and the pattern includes instructions on how to adjust the pattern to accommodate different yarn weights. You’ll also need to choose a cover photo that showcases your work – this could be a close-up of one of the textured squares or a shot of the blanket draped over a couch or bed.

If you’re new to crochet or want to brush up on your skills, there are plenty of free resources available online. You can learn new crochet stitches, find free patterns, and get advice from other crochet enthusiasts. There are even Facebook business pages dedicated to crochet and free crochet patterns that you can join to get inspiration and support.

As you work on this project, you may find that you want to experiment with different types of yarn or create textured pillows or patches to complement your blanket. The possibilities are endless, and with the Stardust Melodies Stashbusting Blanket Crochet Pattern, you have a great starting point for exploring different crochet techniques.

So why not try your hand at this beautiful and practical project? You never know, you might just discover a new passion for crochet and end up with a warm and cozy blanket that you’ll treasure for years to come. And who knows – maybe even Channing Tatum would appreciate a handmade blanket made with love and care!

In conclusion, the Stardust Melodies Stashbusting Free Crochet Blanket Patterns is the perfect project for crochet enthusiasts who love to experiment with different yarn types and textures. It’s a great way to use up those leftover odds and ends of yarn that always seem to accumulate at the end of every project.

Enjoy! Link to the pattern is below.
Stardust melodies stashbusting blanket free crochet pattern
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  1. kim stobbelaar says:

    What yarn and colors were used for this blanket?

  2. This blanket is the most gorgeous version of the Crochet Along I’ve found!! Please post which yarn and colours were used and maybe even the joins and the edge? I would love to recreate this blanket. Thank you so much!

  3. Just like Sandra I would REALLY love to know how the blocks were joined for the exquisite shades of grey version on the photograph of Stardust Melodies, plus some information on the beautiful border. You tease us with perfection then leave it unattainable…..?

    1. I totally agree. I want to use join on one I’m doing but no pattern

  4. Absolutely beautiful, love that the real design is raised above the rest of the secondary designs. Lovely!

    1. Nina Witteveen says:

      I would REALLY, REALLY love to know how the blocks were joined as well..also the name of shades of grey on your ad for Stardust Melodies.
      I agree that you tease us with your perfect talents then leave us wishing?

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