The most unique temperature blanket ideas

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Christmas and New Year’s are a year away

Thus, before we get into the other holidays of the year, it’s time for to concentrate on other projects. To this end, I think we should work on some more personal ones. Of course, one of the very best is a temperature blanket, which is a really great therapeutic aid for the post-holiday blues. Additionally, they are a method of putting your emotions into a project as well as a memory aid and reminiscence driver in the future. Furthermore, in addition to all that, they are simply good fun and very, very beautiful in their own right. So, even if you aren’t in a good head space, a temperature blanket will definitely put you there.

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Temperature Blanket

To begin with, here is one based on the Circles in Squares Solid Grannies pattern. Overall, this pattern is particularly good for this application because of the discrete and button-like squares that capture each discrete moment.

temperature blanket

The original pattern and the photos are available here:

Circles in Squares Solid Grannies

More info about temperature blanket version of this pattern on Ravelry.


Ultimate Temperature Blanket

However, some of these wonderful projects need more hues, or a more gradient transition from color to color. Therefore, here is a pattern with a more gradual color transition to precisely dial in how you are feeling.

Ultimate Temperature Blanket

The original pattern and the photos are available on YouTube:

Ultimate Temperature Blanket

more info on Ravelry.

2023 Crochet with Me Temperature Afghan CAL

CALs are a great way to make a temperature blanket and share them with friends and colleagues. Thus I’m so happy that the 4-season Annual Afghan CAL is continuing in 2023. Indeed, this has got to be a tradition by now, doesn’t it?

2023 Crochet with Me Temperature Afghan CAL

The original pattern and the photos are available on Beatrice Ryan Designs blog:

2023 Crochet with Me Temperature Afghan CAL

more info on Ravelry.

Primrose Hexagon Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

Next, instead of stripes, circles and gradients, perhaps it’s time for some hexagond. To this end here is a temperature blanket made of small, regular hexagons. Indeed this one is perfect, because the hexes can be added as needed – an ever-growing emotional barometer. Moreover, each one is color adjustable and fun.

Primrose hexagon blanket (temperature)

The original pattern and the photos are available here :

Primrose hexagon blanket

Interlocking Circles Temperature Blanket

Finally, and in a totally different vein, here is a project that can be used as a stand alone emotion indicator, but can also be incorporated in a larger project as well. Moreover, the overlayed circles are very reminiscent of a chain or perhaps knotwork. This project thus has a wonderful texture, in addition to its appearance. While the pattern is not in English, there is a handful of photos and graphs and the project itself is quite easy to follow.


Interlocking Circles Temperature Blanket
The full article about this pattern is here:


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