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Doilies… they ain’t just lacy circles

Truly, one of the most beautiful things about doilies is their lacy intricacy and delicate structure. However, they are often somewhat repetitive, shaped like a rough circle or polygon. Unfortunately, it isn’t frequent that a doily moves beyond this framework. Consequently they don’t work with some types of decor. In order to vary up this wonderful pattern, here are some decorative doily ideas in the shape of traditional crinoline dresses. These are easy-ish patterns that will help you take your doily crocheting up to a whole new level.

Crinoline Lady Doily

Here is an absolutely stunning example of a dress-shaped doily. Herein, the skirt portion sports a lovely leaf-inspired design reminiscent a bit of paisley designs. Furthermore, topped off with a flower-girl in a matching blouse, this little masterpiece will be a great decoration. Indeed, it will be THE center piece and not just a pad underneath something else.

Designer: Elizabeth Ann White

Crinoline Lady Doily

The full article about this pattern is here:

Crinoline Lady Doily

More info about photographed project also here.

Circle of Friends Crinoline Doily

For a more traditional doily shape which nevertheless still follows the crinoline dress theme, here is the circle of friends crinoline doily. Although not as developed as the previous one, this is still a beautiful and highly decorative piece that will be a great completion to your decorating efforts.

Skills: Easy    Designer: Cylinda D. Mathews

Circle of Friends Doily

The full article about this pattern is here:

Circle of Friends Crinoline Doily

More info about project photographed also here.

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