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Three views of a hand-crafted pink crochet shawls showcasing its detailed pattern and texture.

Magnolia Lace Shawl Free Crochet Pattern

Drape yourself in elegance with our latest guest post – a stunning Magnolia Lace Free Crochet Shawl Pattern exclusively designed by the talented Kate from Crochetpedia. About the Project Magnolia Lace Shawl is a lightweight shawl made with light-fingering yarn. It’s a project for adventurous beginners and intermediate crocheters. It’s worked from the middle top…

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Skull Shawl Free Pattern

Skull Shawl or Scarf For Halloween Free Crochet Patterns

Are you in the mood for a fashion talk? Brilliant! Since Halloween is coming, it’s time to be Boo-tiful. Therefore, today, we are all about Skull Shawls. While we know Halloween is still a ways off, it’s always good to prep. Obviously, it’s better to be safe than sorry! With this in mind, here are…

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A sunset shawl with an orange and purple color.

Sunset Shawl Ideas Free Crochet Patterns

Sunsets are some of the most beautiful of Nature’s creattions Therefore, let’s celebrate them in crochet with a sunset shawl. So, one of the most striking features of a sunset is the dizzying variety of color gradients that they can exhibit. In fact, no two are quite alike. Consequently, our shawls will also need to…

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Spring Shawls Free Crochet Patterns

You Can’t Go Wrong With These Shawls Free Patterns

In the spring shawl time New crochet patterns are constantly made, attracting us with a freshness, colors and a breath of the unknown. Overall, they all are beautiful and well worth trying. However, especially now, when there are increasingly so many more patterns to chose from, it’s crucial to not forget about older, once popular…

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Two pictures of a crocheted shawl in different patterns.

You Can’t Go Wrong With These Shawls

Let’s not go wrong! While shawls are a perennial favorite for crocheters, some patterns a re a bit hit and miss. Thus, some shawls are too difficult, others aren’t very attractive or practical. However, we won’t steer you wrong here. To this end we have selected the most attractive, fun and funky shawls of the…

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25 Quick and Easy Crochet Shawl Patterns

24 Quick and Easy Crochet Shawl Patterns

An easy easy crochet shawl pattern is the perfect idea for a lazy weekend or relaxing afternoon. Sometimes all you want to do is to unwind with a cup of tea and start a fun crochet project. Don’t worry if you’re just starting with crochet, because you can easily make these projects with only basic…

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Two pictures of a scalloped shawl hanging on a hanger.

Amazing Scalloped Triangle Shawl Colorways

Take a break from holiday projects with some scallop stitch projects. While the run-up to Thanksgiving and Christmas is one of the most “crochetable” seasons, it’s sometimes good to relax and work on non-thematic patterns. To this end, here are some amazing scalloped triangle shawl projects to help you crochet relaxing, fun and beautiful garments….

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Beautiful Free Crochet Triangle Shawl Patterns

Beautiful Free Crochet Triangle Shawl Patterns

How to crochet a triangle shawl? Well, it’s fairly simple, especially with the patterns in this post! If you’ve never tried making a triangle crochet shawl, that’s a sign to give it a go, because it’s such a rewarding and fun project to make. It will be a real statement piece in your wardrobe and…

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25 Best Prayer Shawl Crochet Patterns

25 Best Prayer Shawl Crochet Patterns

A prayer shawl is a gorgeous and thoughtful gift idea, that’s going to be a beautiful, loving gift to someone, who is grieving or immersed in difficult times. It’s also a lovely idea to gift it for special occasions, such as weddings, birthdays and other special events, when you want to share your support. It…

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Two pictures of a woman wearing a crocheted rectangular shawl in autumn.

Autumn Rectangle Shawl Ideas and Free Patterns

Let shawl season officially begin! Undoubtedly, the weather outside is getting colder by the day. Certainly here, it’s also rained a lot more. Therefore, it’s definitely the time to crochet an autumn rectangle shawl or three. Thus, here are some ideas for these wonderful autumn accents to your outfit. Indeed, when it is warm enough…

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A woman knitting a shawl.

Granny Shawl Free Crochet Patterns

I have said before, the classics are in again. Consequently, it’s time to look at at probably the most classic of crochet garments, the granny shawl. Not only are these practical and warm, they are also usually very pretty and fashionable. In fact, there are very few items of clothing that they don’t accessorize with….

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A woman wearing a shawl.

Summer Shawl Ideas and Free Patterns

It’s a cool summer day, and a shawl is the perfect accessory. Although we generally associate the summer with warmth and less clothing, sometimes a cool afternoon or evening requires wrapping up. Thus here we are with a collection of summer shawl ideas that will surely give you a shawl that will be truly yours….

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Shawl Free patterns

Summer Night Shawl ideas and Free Crochet Patterns

Dreamy shawls for a midsummer night. So, it’s evening in the summer and it’s time to wrap up a bit without going overboard. However looks are still just as important. Therefore, here are some ideas for a summer night shawl, perfect for keeping your neck warm but also ideal as an accessory. Of course, you…

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A crochet shawl with colorful yarn.

Crochet Rectangle Shawl Ideas and Free Patterns

It’s time to get back to clothing. While it’s true that functional and decorative projects are particularly useful for the home for all sorts of areas, we need to do some garments as well. To this point, here are some crochet spring rectangle shawl ideas for your enjoyment. Aside from being super fun to make,…

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Two pictures of a hearty red crocheted shawl.

Hearty Shawl Free Crochet Patterns

Hearts are a great motif for every day. This is a point overlooked quite often, and I would like to fix this today. Consequently, here are some ideas for a hearty shawl that uses the heart as a repeating pattern. Indeed, regardless of whether it’s a lacy heart-shaped void or a mosaic-like motif, the heart…

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Best summer shawls hanging on a hanger.

The Best Summer Shawl Free Crochet Patterns

The best and greatest of summer shawls. So far. Undoubtedly, when you put on an item of clothing you want it to be functional, but you also want it to be good looking and fun to wear. So, why not check out the best summer shawl collection we have put together for some inspiration? After…

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Four different crocheted ponchos, including one made from a shawl, hanging on a hanger.

How to make a crochet poncho from a shawl

Shawls? Pshaw! It’s poncho time! While it’s easy to get lost in the plethora of shawls available on the market, sometimes you can have too many. However, as ponchos are generally bigger projects, we have fewer of them. So, why not transform a shawl into a poncho, work up this useful and fun garment for…

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Two winter shawls hanging on a wicker basket.

Cozy and Warm Winter Shawl Free Crochet Patterns

Wrap up in beauty for the cold Why not try one of these beautiful Winter Shawl Crochet patterns to warm up your style? Although they are winter-themed and winter-colored, they will definitely warm any heart. While these are perhaps not the very simplest projects, neither are they too challenging for anyone to attempt. Moreover, the…

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Puff Shawl

Puff Shawl Free Crochet Patterns

The puff stitch, thick yet light We’re deep into shawl season now. While it’s cold and blustery, a shawl is the perfect way to wrap up and be super cozy and comfortable. Although the absolute best place for that is in front of your own fireplace, a puff shawl is also a wonderful accessory for…

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Sweet Rectangle Shawl Free Crochet Patterns

Delicate Rectangle Shawl Free Crochet Patterns

Fall is not only for heavy and cozy scarves. Delicate and airy neck wraps are appropriate as well. Here are some ideas how to make a delicate rectangle shawl, a light and lacy project to enliven your fall wardrobe. As you may remember, at the beginning of the year I presented elegant Rectangle Shawl Free…

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Two elegant pictures of a crocheted shawl hanging on a door.

Elegant Darker Shawl Free Crochet Patterns

Sometimes, it’s good to take a walk on the dark side While light and cheerful projects are great, there are times when it’s good to express your dark and mysterious side. For these occasions, there’s no better bet than ombre or gradient yarns shading from a pale hue to an intense and rich navy, purple…

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Coccoon Sweather

Monochrome Shawls Free Crochet Patterns

As any photographer knows, monochrome is an art form in itself. So, because we crocheters are artists, here are some ideas for gorgeous crochet shawls in monochrome. Truly, the nicest thing about using a single, solid color is that it takes a back seat to the texture and shape of the project. Indeed, it serves…

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The best pocket Scarf Wraps

5 The Best Pocket Shawl Crochet Patterns

Pocket shawls are in! Without a doubt, these fun and functional crocheted garments have taken the world by storm. What’s more, these are simple pocket shawl crochet patterns that a beginner will find easy enough to attempt. But, for the veteran among you, they will also provide a pleasant pastime and a worthy goal. Thus,…

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Daisy Chain Shawl Free Crochet Pattern

Gradient Shawl Free Crochet Patterns

Color gradients are something that can make a good pattern absolutely fabulous. Even better, a physically great pattern is simply out of this world, when coupled with a matching color gradient. Thus, with modern ombre yarns, you can take a classic pattern and bring it into the space age and breathe new life into traditional…

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Browse our collection of crochet ponchos and shawls for free patterns.

25+ Best Free Crochet Pocket Shawl Patterns

The pocket shawl crochet pattern is a hit! These fun free crochet shawl patterns have taken the world by storm. What’s more, beginners will find it easy enough to attempt these simple crochet pocket shawl patterns.  Thus, here are some wonderful examples of how varied these great patterns can be. Additionally, you can wear these…

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Spectacular Rectangle Shawl Free Crochet Patterns

Spectacular Rectangle Shawl Free Crochet Patterns

There is something special and unique about rectangle shawls. Although there are lots of triangle and derivative patterns available, rectangular shawls are less popular and it’s rare that you can find a one that really stands out. It’s a pity, because they are easier to make and more elegant than triangle shawls. They are also…

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Crochet shawls and shawl patterns.

Top 5 Lacy Summer Shawls To Upgrade Your Outfit

The weather has finally changed for the better. We now have a 5 or so month respite from having to stitch heavy, dense and very toasty garments and accessories. The season is now for airy, summery and diaphanous clothes that will be a fashion statement for the upcoming late spring and summer. Let’s warm ourselves…

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Spring Shawls

Spring Shawl Free Crochet Patterns

Spring is a great time for shawls, it’s just the right combination  of warmth and coolness to enable you to sport these wonderful accessories. They are also a lo of fun to make, and work up quickly so that you can make a whole slew of these to accessorize just about any outfit or mood…

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Two pictures of a crocheted shawl hanging on a wall.

Spring and Summer Rectangle Shawl Free Crochet Patterns

There is something special and unique in rectangle shawls. Although there are lots of triangle patterns available for shawls, rectangular shawls are less popular and it’s rare that you can find a nice pattern. It’s a pity, because they are easier to make and more elegant than triangle shawls. They are also easier to resize…

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Jaycee Butterfly Shawl

Butterfly Shawl Free Crochet Patterns

Butterflies are one of the favorite themes for crocheted items. We love them for their colors, fancy shapes and their ethereal beauty as they flit from flower to flower, or just regally sit there looking stunning. Below are some patterns inspired by their gorgeous forms and hues. Jaycee Butterfly Shawl Free Crochet Pattern The Jaycee…

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