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Summer Night Shawl ideas and Free Crochet Patterns

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Dreamy shawls for a midsummer night.

So, it’s evening in the summer and it’s time to wrap up a bit without going overboard. However looks are still just as important. Therefore, here are some ideas for a summer night shawl, perfect for keeping your neck warm but also ideal as an accessory. Of course, you can wear one of these shawls anytime and anywhere, but a summer evening is where they truly shine. However, if you think they look too fancy to attempt, don’t be afraid. After all, these are definitely not beyond the reach of an ambitious beginner.

Windsurfer Shawl

This summer night shawl uses bands with two alternating color gradients to achieve a shimmering, alternating pattern. In particular, I love the visible spectrum and earth-tone combination.

Skills: easy      Designer: Johanna Lindahl

Windsurfer Shawl

The full tutorial you will find on Mijo Crochet blog:

Windsurfer Shawl


Daphne Shawl

On the airier side, this summer night shawl is an absolutely wonderful, lacy little gem. Without a doubt it will accesorize with anything, but in particular with an elegant evening outfit.

Skills: easy      Designer: Suzanne Carlson

Daphne Shawl

The full tutorial about this pattern you will find on Crafting Each Day blog:

Daphne Shawl


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