5 The Best Pocket Shawl Crochet Patterns

5 The Best Pocket Shawl Crochet Patterns
The best pocket Scarf Wraps

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Pocket shawls are in! Without a doubt, these fun and functional crocheted garments have taken the world by storm.

What’s more, these are simple pocket shawl crochet patterns that a beginner will find easy enough to attempt. But, for the veteran among you, they will also provide a pleasant pastime and a worthy goal. Thus, here are some wonderful examples of how varied and diverse these great patterns can be. Additionally, you will see that they can be made for a wearer of any age, to match any outfit.


Friendship Pocket Wrap Free Crochet Pattern

And here is a next pockets shawl crochet pattern. This (wrap?) is a smoother, lighter shawl that will be great for a cooler summer evening. Additionally, with the right color, it could almost be right for a more formal occasion. What’s stopping you?

Skills: Easy   Designer :  Merri Purdy

Friendship Pocket Wrap

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Cuddly Cat Crochet Scoodie with Pockets

Here is another one, which will be an absolute favourite with kids and teens of a playful disposition. This cuddly cat is an easy, fun and very joyous pattern that will definitely be a great way to push any blues away.

Skills: Easy   Designer : Tamara Kelly

Cuddly Cat Scoodie with Pockets

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As original pattern is a a kitty, here you can find more details how to make a lion-look-like scoodie with pockets.

Lazy Diamond Boho Shawl with Fringes

Undeniably, a shawl with pockets is a must this season. If you haven’t decided yet, here is a boho shawl with fringes, although you may decide to skip them and go bare boho. The Lazy Diamond Boho Pocket Shawl has it all: a modern color, a fancy appearance and an unquestionably stunning texture with a diamond-square-like style in the back.

Skills: Easy   Designer :  Crystal White-Van CleemputLazy Diamond Boho Pocket Shawl

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As your are asking us very often about a shawl with a pockets, we decided to expand collection of the best pocket shawls of paid patterns to give you a full information and a complete overview.

Perfect Pocket Shawl

Any list of the best pocket shawls can be done without this pattern. Perfect Pocket Shawl designed by Sonja Hood unquestionably is the best recognize shawls and it it the most popular pattern among crocheters. If you can afford a paid pattern, I’m sure you should definitely try exactly this shawl!

Skills: Easy   Designer : Sonja Hood

Perfect Pocket Shawl

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Boho Beaded Pocket Scarf

For an intermediate skilled crocheters we advise this novelty: Boho Beaded Pocket Scarf. Rich texture combined with a worsted weight yarn gives this scarf a very expensive, a million dollar look. This scarf will be a great addition to any outfit all year round.

Skills: Intermediate   Designer : tl.crochet

Boho Beaded Pocket Scarf

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