Two elegant pictures of a crocheted shawl hanging on a door.

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Sometimes, it’s good to take a walk on the dark side

While light and cheerful projects are great, there are times when it’s good to express your dark and mysterious side. For these occasions, there’s no better bet than ombre or gradient yarns shading from a pale hue to an intense and rich navy, purple or brown. With this as our goal, here are some patterns for elegant shawls that make amazing use of the gentle and gradual transition of colors. Consequently, there are no sharp, contrasting breaks here. Oh no, instead, as your eye wanders along the shawl, you find yourself moving between worlds of color without pause. mysterious

Mocha Shawl

The mocha shawl uses a gradient yarn along with a relatively dense structure to create fields of colors transitioning between one another. Consequently, the imperceptible breaks between the colors let build a garment that is just like dusk, the mysterious journey from light to dark.

Designer:  By The Sea Shore
Mocha Shawl
The full article about this pattern is here:

Mocha Shawl

Elegant Grinda Shawl

The Grinda shawl is an airier, lighter take on a gradient shoulder wrap with the gradient reversed. Consequently, it’s theme can be described as emergence into the light. Indeed, I love the opposite juxtaposition of this and the previous shawl.

 Designer: Tatsiana Kupryianchyk

Grinda Shawl

The full article about this pattern is here:

 Grinda Shawl

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    son hermosos !!!!!!!!!

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    Great looking shawl

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