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The Best Christmas Baubles Free Crochet Patterns

Granny Baubles

How about some back to the basics baubles?

Of course, back to the basics is not necessarily an exercise in passe. In fact, here are some of the the most original and prettiest patterns I have seen, I’m sure you will love them! While they all take the shape of the most traditional Christmas baubles, each one is a little masterpiece and burst of color and design. Consequently, it allows you to give your Christmas tree a personal touch. Moreover, they are also easy and fun, and will be great presents and stocking stuffers. Finally, they’ll also be a great canvas for your creativity and taste.

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Easy Granny Baubles

First, these granny baubles are easy and quick to make. Also, they’ll look elegant in a box cover with some fancy tissue patter. As you can, they also need little bits of yarn, so they’re an excellent yarn odds and ends user upper!

Easy Granny Baubles

Go to the pattern: Christmas Crochet Baubles


Christmas Flower Baubles

Next, these beautiful 7 petal flowers resemble African flowers. They are great for shaping a sphere

made of 2 halves joined together at the final round to yield a 21 cm in circumference.
Christmas Flower Baubles

Go to the pattern: Christmas Flowers


Snowman Baubles

Hey! It’s Frosty for your tree. Indeed, since Christmas Baubles are a very traditional way of dressing a tree, then Frosty is doubly so. Overall, these snowman-themed crocheted darlings will give you lots of room to experiment with accessories.

Snowman Baubles

Go to the pattern: Snowman Baubles

More info about project photographed on Ravery: Muddy01’s and Aorlovfan’s.


Little Diamonds Baubles

The Little Diamonds Crochet Bauble is an easy tapestry crochet project for your Christmas tree.

If you haven’t tried tapestry crochet before, then these baubles will be a great project to start with.

Little diamonds baubles

Go to the pattern: Little Diamonds Baubles


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judi Willetts 20 December 2021 at 12:34 am

The colorful ones I am not particularly fond of. I do really like the SnowMen and the Little Dimond Babbles. They look very elegant judi.


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