The best Christmas Placemat and Place Mats with Pockets [Free Crochet Patterns]


It’s amazing how much little decorations (like stitch placemats and table cloths) can upgrade the look of your home. They include a touch of eccentricity that encourages you to feel cozier in your own space. But more than that, there is something magical in Christmas decorations. They put you in a joyful mood, enhance your happiness and the feeling that something special is coming. We have chosen the 3 the best free placemat crochet patterns for you. You will find the wonderful Holiday Placemat set with coaster, the Frosty Pocket Placemat which will be the kids favourite and traditional green Christmas placemats with red pockets.   These place mats will be a perfect addition to any Christmas dinner or breakfast. For more free designs every day follow us on Facebook. Link to the free pattern is below.

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Holiday Placemat Set – Free Crochet Pattern is here. 


Christmas Pocket Place Mat- Free Crochet Pattern is here on the page 58.







Frosty Pocket Placemat  – Free Crochet Pattern is here. 

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