Christmas crochet placemats and napkins designed with Christmas crochet patterns.

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Hello there, crocheters! Are you ready for a bit of magic? Obviously! There is surely something magical about these Christmas-themed accessories.

They put you in a joyful mood, boost your happiness, and create the impression that something special is coming. With this in mind, for today, we have chosen The Best Christmas Placemats with crochet patterns for you. You will find the wonderful Interlocking Reversible Placemat, the Frosty Pocket Placemat which will be the kids’ favorite, and the traditional green Christmas placemats with red pockets. All three will surely be a perfect addition to any Christmas dinner or breakfast. The links to the free patterns are under the photos.

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Interlocking Reversible Placemat

It’s amazing how decorations like placemats and table cloths can enhance the look of our kitchens and dining tables. They certainly add a magical touch that helps us to feel even cozier in your own space, right? Let’s get cozy this Christmas!

Skill: Intermediate Designer: Tanis Galik

placemat xmas

Go to the full article about the pattern and to the photo:

Interlocking Reversible Placemat

More info about photographed project here.

Christmas Pocket Place Mat

Practical and pretty, this crochet placemat undeniably will look awesome on your table this year! You can adjust the colors for Christmas as well as for other holidays and occasions. This is also an awesome idea for a handmade gift, without a doubt!

Skill: Easy Designer: Elaine Bartlett

Christmas Pocket Crochet Place Mat

Go to the full article about the pattern and to the photo:

Christmas Pocket Place Mat

Frosty Pocket Placemat

Frosty the Snowman is all set and ready to move into your house this winter! This delightful applique will look adorable on placemats, obviously, but you should keep this pattern in your library for the future. You may use it for blankets, scarves, and so many other projects!

Skill: Easy/Intermediate Designer: Pattern Paradise

Frosty Crochet Placemat

Go to the full article about the pattern and to the photo:

Frosty Pocket Placemat

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