A collage of pictures of snowmen wearing hats.

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Frosty’s puttin’ on the ritz!

While we all know that you need a hat to be truly elegant, nobody knows this better than Frosty. After all, it’s probably the most iconic image, a snowman in a chimney sweep’s top hat jauntily perched upon his bean. However, hats come in all sorts of options, and here are some ideas for a snowman in a hat that pay homage to that traditional trope, yet are their own, modern take. Therefore, these cute winter decorations will be an ideal way to decorate your modern home with a touch of updated tradition. Moreover, they’ll make great stocking stuffers or add-ons for presents at work or at the club.

Amigurumi Snowmen

To begin with, the snowman in a hat collection starts wit these adorable and fun snowkids(?). Since they have little legs, scareves and hats, they’ll be perfect as a child’s backpack companion.

Designer: Anitha Domacin

Amigurumi Snowmen in a hatGo to the pattern:

Amigurumi Snowmen

Dress Me Up Snowmen

Next, it’s not right that a snowman in a hat, or a snow woman for that matter, should always go around with a bare bum. So, here is a beautiful little doll with accessories that will be ideal for playtime, or for matching the beholder’s mood.

Designer: Laura Tegg

Dress Me Up SnowmenGo to the pattern:

Dress Me Up Snowmen

Big Snowmen

Next, here we take the snowman in a hat theme back to tradition, yet still a level above. Specifically, this snow couple is ready to hit the slopes in a traditional crocheted toque, scarves and gloves.

Designer: StringyDingDing

Big SnowmenGo to the pattern:

Big Snowmen

Snowman Ornament

However, a snowman in a hat can also function as a Christmas ornament. Therefore, here is an idea for warmly bundled up snowmen just ready to hang out on the tree with your other baubles, toys and stars.

Designer: Audra Brown

Snowman Ornament Go to the pattern:

Snowmen Ornament

more info about project photographed here.


However, no snowman in a hat collection can do without a traditional Frosty. Therefore, without further ado, here he is, in a beautiful black top hat decorated with a poinsettia. Indeed, you can just picture him on his way to caroling.

Designer: Sarah Zimmerman

Snowman in a Hat

Go to the pattern:


more info about project photographed here.

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