Santa Gnomes

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It’s time for a new Christmas tree ornament!

As Christmas will be soon in our houses, it’s good to think about our decorations in advance. Christmas is a great moment of reunion with family and friends, and combines an elements of many cultures. Even though they originally came from Scandinavia, gnomes have become a part of Christmas celebration word wide. In fact, it is now common to see them in Christmas displays everywhere. In earlier posts, you can find sitting gnomes for displaying around the house. However, here we present hanging gnome Christmas ornaments to make gnome-themed display complete.

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6 Cute Christmas Gnomes Free Crochet Patterns

Santa Gnome Free Crochet Patterns

Santa Gnome Christmas Ornament

So, our fist Santa Gnome Christmas Ornament is a quick and easy pattern that will allow you to use up your stash of scrap yarns. While this gnome is a medium sized amigurumi, at 3″ tall, the beard almost double its hight. Therefore he will be perfect for large Christmas wreath, or a stout branch of the tree.

Santa Gnome Ornament

Go to the pattern: Santa Christmas Gnome Ornament

Mini Christmas Gnome Set

Although they generally follow a similar design, here we have a pattern which will show you that a Santa gnome ornament, can also have a lot of variety the one with the Christmas hat looks especially cute, but you should try them all to put little variety in your Christmas tree.

Santa Gnome Ornament

Go to the pattern: Mini Christmas Gnome Set

Heart Gnome Ornament

As usually Golden Lucy Crafts treats us with something special, this time it’s a Christmas gnome with a heart motif. Indeed this Christmas Santa gnome ornament will be a great keepsake as token of your affection as Christmas time. However, I can also see that this little guy will not only be great for Christmas, but might also be a great early idea for Valentine’s Day.

Santa Gnome Ornament

Go to the pattern: Heart Gnome Ornament

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