Quick Cat Applique Free Crochet Pattern
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Quick Cat Applique Free Crochet Patterns

Who doesn’t like cats? Not us that’s for sure. We love them, and can’t get enough of cat patterns to crochet. In addition to specifically cat-themed projects, there are also numerous patterns for cat appliques in order to “cattify” ordinary projects.
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Cat Applique Free Crochet Pattern

The quick cat applique is a feline silhouette of a contented kitty looking out for the next ball of yarn or tasty morsel. It’s a fun and lightning-fast project to make, and will be a great way to decorate your other projects, or even non-crochet items. It’s small, easy and requires next to no yarn, so it’s also good to use up yarn scraps.

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 A link to free patterns is under the photos.

Skills: Easy     Designer:  Ellen Aria

Quick Cat Applique Free Crochet Pattern

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Cat Applique


Easy Cat Applique Free Crochet Tutorial in English

This is a beautiful feline applique that will add that playful, fun touch to any project or item. It’s a great idea for a wall or curtain decoration, or in a nursery. It’s great fun, easy and very attractive. A link to the free pattern is at the end of the post.

SkillsEasy        Designer: Kerri’s Crochet

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