Parisian Stroll Shawl - free pattern

parisian stroll shawl by fiber flux jennifer dickerson ft kp
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The Parisian Stroll Shawl by Jennifer Dickerson delights with delicate detail and stunning stitches that shine through in this lacy wrap pattern. It makes a gorgeous crochet accessory that will add style to any of your outfits. It comes in a lightweight fabric you work with fingering yarn that will do perfectly for the spring weather when you still need some extra warmth.

This crochet shawl will also make an easy take for beginners. Prepare to work it with a set of basic stitches and the lacy stitch that will help you get that fabulous openwork texture. Employ a 4 mm crochet hook that works great with such delicate and fine-fabric projects. Keeping an even gauge will make you end up with a 13” x 70” beautiful crochet shawl. Plus, you must admit the ombre look makes it a real knockout! Did you know that you only need one color-changing cake to produce that effect? Which colorway will you choose for your Parisian Stroll Shawl?