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Last Minute Red Bows for Christmas Decorations and Gifts Wrapping [Free Patterns]

Do you need a easy but impressive pattern? Our last minute bows are really quick, and yet look like a million dollars. You can start with Big Red Bow to create more festive mood in your interiors:
But why not also wrap Christmas presents with something handmade:
A bow for gift wrapping is largely the same like Hello Kitty-Style Red Bow Shoe Clip, just do not add the dot in the centre of bow:
If you need something smaller for tiny presents, see the photo below. These bows were created as an Infant Bow Tie, but will be perfect for wrapping and decoration purposes as well.
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Big Red Bow – Free Crochet Pattern is hereHello Kitty-Style Red Bow Shoe Clip suggested for wrapping gifts – Free Crochet Pattern is here. Infant Bow Tie – Free Crochet Pattern is here
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