Fall-themed crocheted pumpkins in a woman's hands.

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Fall’s around the corner

Therefore it’s time to for some great fall-themed projects. While each one is great in its own right, you also have at least two special occasions to make them for. Of course, I mean Halloween and Thanksgiving, but they’ll be great for the entire season as well. Moreover, they are also easy, so that beginners can get into their fall decorating as well. So, while Halloween is a ways away, not to mention Thanksgiving (unless you’re Canadian that is) there is no reason not to prep.

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Bumpy Pumpkin

To begin with, fall-themed projects must include pumpkins. However, this is no ordinary smooth orange globe. Indeed not, it’s a lovely, lumpy beauty reminiscent of decorative squashes.

Skills: Easy    Designer: K.A.M.E. Crochet

Bumpy PumpkinThe full article about this pattern is on Ravelry:

Bumpy Pumpkin

Chicken Towel Topper

While really early in the year, these festive fall-themed projects will be perfect for any time, not just for Thanksgiving. Indeed, you can make them more chicken-y and they’ll be ideal for Easter.

Skills: Easy    Designer: Likalu Chicken Towel TopperThe original pattern is available at Free Crochet:

Chicken Towel Topper

more info about project photographed also on Ravelry.

Fall Leaves

Finally, great fall-themed projects should also include leaves in various colors. You undoubtedly take every opportunity to enjoy the fall landscape. Ahead of next time, crochet some fall-inspired leaves. These tiny wonders are going to be perfect for so many projects!

Skills:  Easy           Designer:  The Painted Hinge

Fall Leaves

The full article about this pattern is on The Painted Hinge:

 Fall Leaves

More info about Takychik’s project on Ravelry.

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