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[Easy Peasy] Birdie Decorations Free Crochet Pattern

Birdie Decorations Free Crochet Pattern

This is a great project to start your crocheting journey. If you are not beginner, you may like to use up yarn odds and ends in a cute way. These will be good as a quick holiday decoration for your interiors (e.g. to highlight thanksgiving decorations or halloween spooky colours) or just for the sheer pleasure and whimsy. The pattern can be also used as a baby bedroom decor or hanged as a baby mobile. Enjoy! Link to the pattern is at the end of the post.

Skills: Easy  Designer: Lucy of Attic24

Birdie Decorations Free Crochet Pattern
   photos: Flickr/Ravelry

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Birdie Decorations

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Martha delgado 6 October 2018 at 10:48 pm

Gracias por enviar proyectos tan hermosos


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