Two pictures of crocheted chickens on top of a box, representing Easter birds.

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Who says that the Easter is all about chickens?

Of course, an Easter bird can be one and usually is, but there are so many other birds out there that can be just as fun and playful. Indeed, you have a plethora to choose from and don’t have to limit yourself to baby Gallus gallus. While chickens are, of course, most traditional, it will be fun to make other types of birds as well. Therefore, here are a number of avian ideas to keep things fun, fresh and colorful. After all, you never know  when a little birdie may be just the thing to cheer someone up in the dead of winter.

20 Minute Duck

To begin with, here is an idea for an Easter bird that’s still part of the barnyard menagerie. To wit, these cute little ducklings are just the ticket to give your Easter table or basket an even more springtime feel. After all, little hatchlings are little hatchlings the world over: squeaking, tiny, cute-as-heck fuzz balls. This is a quick project that literally works up in 20 minutes and is great for using up yarn scraps. They are also great as little toys, for example to stuff in a backpack for a school day. A link to free pattern is under the photos.

Skills: Easy          Designer: StringyDingDing

20 minute duck crochet pattern

Go to the pattern:

20 Minute Duck

Cocca the hen

Next, we have this Easter bird which is a full grown hen. While not a little yellow ball of fluff, this is still a highly decorative and fun project that’s perfect for the Easter table.

Skills: Easy          Designer: Valentina Iori

Cocca the hen

Go to the pattern:

Cocca The Hen

More info about project photographed here.

Eggstremely Cosy Set

For a more traditional, but no less playful, Easter bird crochet pattern, please have a look at the Eggstremely Cosy Set. These egg cosies are ready to “hatch” your Easter eggs, and are a fun way of getting into the Easter spirit. A link to free pattern is under the photos.

Skills: Intermediate     Designer:Corinne Frieden

Eggstremely Cozy Set of crocheted chickens

Go to the pattern:

Eggstremely Cosy Set 

More details about projects 

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