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Have you ever dreamed of becoming a crochet designer?

If so, this section is for you. Our interviews with acclaimed crochet authors let us peek into the world of professional pattern design and learn more about their life. What does their creative path look like, or what are their plans for the future? No matter if crocheting is just a hobby or a business idea for you, I’m sure you’ll find valuable information inside.

What is it about?

We know what’s the most interesting for fellow crocheters, and we’re not afraid to ask! In our interviews, designers talk about their creative process, as well as about the most common obstacles. Learn how they write a crochet pattern from start to finish and how they manage to combine a designer career with everyday life. We talk about where the inspiration comes from and how to turn it into stunning projects.

Top crochet pattern designers

Our Authors page features various types of designers, from amigurumi artists to the ones specializing in afghan blocks and blankets. If you keep up with the newest patterns in the crochet world, you most likely already know these names. The top-notch crochet designers we interview are the guarantees of quality, accuracy, and creativity.

Building connections

Not only are we trying to bring the designers closer to you, but also collaborate with them. We work on getting exclusive patterns, discounts, and other bonuses especially for our readers. We encourage you to comment and share the interviews with other crochet fans!