Free patterns by Megan Meyer

Megan Meyer, the heart and soul of Left in Knots, is here to share a world of creative crochet patterns with you! As a stay-at-home mom, loving wife, and a dedicated crochet enthusiast, Megan understands the value of projects that are not only beautiful but also convenient to pick up and put down, making crafting an accessible joy amidst the bustling life of a mom of two wonderfully active children.

Megan’s crochet journey commenced during her high school years when her friend returned from camp brimming with crochet wisdom. This marked the start of an unforgettable adventure. Megan vividly recalls her maiden crafting experience, creating her initial mittens and scarf, humble but heartfelt. With time, dedication, and passion, Megan’s crochet skills have evolved impressively leading her into the world of crochet design, a path she embraced wholeheartedly.

Her Left in Knots blog is a treasury of free crochet patterns, enlightening articles, and step-by-step stitch tutorials, offering a warm and inviting space for fellow crafters to explore. Megan’s YouTube channel has recently celebrated a significant milestone with 13,000 subscribers, a testament to her growing influence in the crafting community.

Megan’s design repertoire includes adorable amigurumi, snug baby blankets, elegant scarves, trendy bags, and exquisite home decor. Her projects are known for their playful and colorful aesthetics, but they’re always crafted with an eye for practicality and usability.

Join Megan Meyer on her creative journey through the colorful world of crochet. Left in Knots is your gateway to a realm where imagination knows no bounds. Begin your crochet odyssey with Megan today and immerse yourself in a world of delightful wonders!

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