Free patterns by Ashleigh Kiser

Ashleigh Kiser, known as Sewrella in the creative world, is not just a blogger and YouTuber – she’s a true maker at heart. When she’s not cuddling her beloved toddler, Parker, she’s diving into the world of crochet, knitting, and crafting.

Two years ago, Ashleigh embarked on a journey by launching her blog, contributing to the vibrant online crafting community she adores. Her passion lies in creating garments that burst with captivating colors, a true reflection of her spirited design approach.

Her blog, Sewrella, is a treasure trove of free crochet and knitting patterns, informative articles, and detailed stitch tutorials. On YouTube, her channel has recently surpassed an impressive 358k subscribers, a testament to her engaging and educational content.

Ashleigh’s creations span a wide spectrum, including snug blankets, trendy clothing accessories, charming amigurumi, and delightful home decor. Her work is not just playful and colorful – it also embodies the essence of practicality and beauty combined harmoniously.

With Sewrella, Ashleigh Kiser weaves a vibrant tapestry of creativity, crafting, and community, making every moment of her creative journey an inspiring and memorable one.

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