Free patterns by Toni Lipsey

Toni Lipsey, the mastermind, designer, instructor, and author behind TL Yarn Crafts. If you’re looking for the best in crochet tutorials, tips, recommendations, and reviews, you’re sure to find them on Toni’s blog.

With a rich decade of crocheting experience, Toni has crafted over 200 stylish and functional crochet patterns designed for modern makers like you. Among hundreds of projects in her repertoire, you will find cozy sweaters, chic shawls, snug blankets, trendy bags, and many more!

Toni’s crochet adventure began in 2013 when she ventured into the world of blogging. In 2015, her quest for the perfect slouchy beanie pattern led her on an exciting creative journey. Unable to find her dream beanie anywhere, she took matters into her own hands. After months of hard work and countless discarded samples, the Mega Pom Beanie emerged, along with a brand new crochet designer. Since then, Toni has designed a remarkable collection of over 100 accessories, garments, and cozy housewares.

Don’t forget to explore Toni’s TL Yarn Crafts YouTube channel, boasting an impressive community of 625k subscribers who share her passion for crochet. Her channel is a hub for crochet enthusiasts seeking inspiration and guidance.

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