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Jagoda is a content writer who specializes in creating articles about handknitting. She strives to provide crafters with a detailed guides, tips and reviews that offer a continued insight into the world of yarn and needles. In her work, she brings out the latest crochet and knitting patterns with which she aims to inspire anyone who loves handicrafts. Jagoda lives with her family in the countryside in Poland. In her free time, she loves to strum on the guitar, play tennis, and crochet.

As in any field, so in crocheting – authority figures help us grow. We know that the beginnings can be tough. That’s why sources with which you can learn, hone your skills, or draw inspiration from are invaluable. Such worthwhile guidance can certainly be taken from other crochet makers who host blogs dedicated to crocheting. They share not only a whole range of carefully designed patterns but also their expertise and crochet know-how.

If you are looking for a professional crochet guide or valuable inspiration, our list of 15 Best Pattern Authors for Crochet Beginners is certainly worth a look. This article highlights renowned designers in the world of crochet whose projects will suit those just starting out. From beginner-friendly patterns for cute amigurumi, cozy blankets, and trendy garments to stitch tutorials, these authors offer a wealth of knowledge and inspiration.

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Crochet Designers Every Beginner Should Know

Discover crochet makers and designers who will guide your hooks to create wonders. Whether you’re a novice or just seeking new ideas, this list is your gateway to the crochet world.

1. Sarah Zimmerman of Repeat Crafter Me

A woman in a red shirt smiling in front of a bunch of yarn.Sarah Zimmerman has emerged as a guiding light for beginners in the crochet world. Her blog, Repeat Crafter Me, brims with user-friendly patterns and tutorials, presenting crochet as an accessible and enjoyable craft.

Zimmerman’s designs are noted for their simplicity, charm, and practicality, which makes them perfect for a wide range of projects, from adorable children’s items to stylish home decor. Her detailed instructions, often accompanied by clear visuals, ensure that even those new to crochet can achieve beautiful results.

Through her work, Sarah has become a beloved figure in the crafting world, inspiring countless individuals to pick up a crochet hook and create with confidence.

Explore Sarah Zimmerman’s free crochet patterns in our database here.

2. Jess Coppom of MakeDoCrew

A woman wearing a green hat and white t - shirt.Jess Coppom, the founder of Make Do Crew, stands as a pillar in the crochet community, particularly for beginners. Her website is a haven for those new to the craft, offering a wealth of patterns that are both stylish and approachable.

Coppom’s designs are known for blending contemporary style with traditional crochet techniques. Jess provides patterns accompanied by step-by-step directions that are easy for beginners to follow. Her tutorials often feature helpful photos and videos, making the learning process more engaging and less intimidating for those just starting out.

Explore Jess Coppom’s free crochet patterns in our database here.

3. Toni Lipsey of THL Yarn Crafts

A black woman smiling in front of a desk.Meet Toni Lipsey, the creative force behind TL Yarn Crafts. Her platform is a rich source of beginner-friendly crochet patterns, tutorials, and invaluable tips. Lipsey’s designs are celebrated for their modern, chic look, making crochet appealing to a contemporary audience.

Her patterns are characterized by their clarity, simplicity, and stylishness, catering to those new to the craft with easy-to-follow instructions and supportive guidance. Toni’s engaging teaching style often incorporates video tutorials and makes learning crochet accessible and enjoyable to everyone.

Through TL Yarn Crafts, Toni has created an inspirational space, encouraging new crafters to explore their creativity.

Explore Toni Lipsey’s free crochet patterns in our database here.

4. Jennifer Dickerson of Fiber Flux

A purple circle with the words fiber flux on it.Jennifer Dickerson is a key figure in the crochet community. Her website, Fiber Flux, is a hub of free crochet and knitting patterns, rich with resources that cater to newcomers. Jennifer’s projects are distinguished by their approachable style and the use of vibrant colors, making her designs both visually attractive and easy to follow.

Her patterns range from cozy scarves to adorable amigurumi, offering a wide variety for crafters of all interests. Jennifer’s clear, concise tutorials and step-by-step guides make the art of crochet and knitting accessible and fun.

Her dedication to teaching and inspiring new crafters is evident in the warm, welcoming community she’s built around Fiber Flux, where beginners can learn, grow, and share their love for yarn crafts.

Explore Jennifer Dickerson’s free crochet patterns in our database here.

5. Kate of Crochetpedia

A woman wearing glasses and a pink shirt.If you are looking for a talented crochet artist who provides beginner-friendly tips, tutorials, and patterns, Kate of Crochetpedia should appear on your list. Her platform stands out as a comprehensive resource, offering projects that are particularly tailored for novice crafters.

Kate’s approach to crochet is refreshingly modern and innovative, with a focus on making trendy and stylish designs accessible to all skill levels. Her patterns are clear and often accompanied by helpful photo instructions, ensuring an easy and enjoyable learning experience.

With her brilliant projects, Kate encourages beginners to master the basics while creating modern and beautiful crochet items.

Explore Crochetpedia’s free crochet patterns in our database here.

6. Megan Meyer of Left In Knots

A woman is smiling while wearing a knitted hat.Megan Meyer is the creative force behind Left in Knots, a crochet blog and pattern design brand that has gained significant popularity in the crafting community.

Megan’s signature style combines classic crochet techniques with modern designs, ensuring that her patterns appeal to both traditional crafters and those seeking contemporary, stylish creations.

One of the key aspects of Megan’s success is her dedication to making crochet accessible and enjoyable for people of all skill levels. Her patterns are meticulously written, offering step-by-step guidance that helps beginners tackle projects with confidence.

Explore Megan Meyer’s free crochet patterns in our database here.

7. Tonya Bush of Nana’s Crafty Home

A woman wearing a colorful crocheted shawl.Tonya Bush has established herself as a prominent figure in the realm of crochet. Her website, Nana’s Crafty Home, is a treasure trove of innovative crochet patterns, stitch tutorials, and crafting tricks, suitable for both novice and more experienced crafters.

With a passion for crochet, Tonya has a special talent for designing patterns that are not only beautiful but also practical and enjoyable to make. Her designs, which include trendy apparel and whimsical home items, often feature a mix of textures and colors.

What sets Tonya apart in the crafting world is her commitment to making crochet accessible to everyone. Her website is filled with resources that simplify complex techniques, making it easier for beginners to learn and for experienced crocheters to expand their skills.

Explore Tonya Bush’s free crochet patterns in our database here.

8. Grace of ForTheFrills

A woman wearing a white top and white shorts.Grace, the talent behind ForTheFrills, stands out as an artist for her exceptional work in creating beginner-friendly crochet garments. In the realm of clothing design, she has carved a niche for herself by focusing on stylish yet accessible patterns that are perfect for those new to crochet or those who prefer simpler projects.

Her patterns are characterized by their clean lines, modern aesthetics, and practicality. She has a knack for designing garments that are not only fashionable but also functional, making them appealing for everyday wear.

Grace’s projects often employ basic stitches and straightforward construction suitable for beginners. This approach simplifies the process of creating crochet garments, which can often seem daunting to those new to the craft.

Explore Grace Forthefrills’ free crochet patterns in our database here.

9. Shehnaaz of CrochetDreamz

A woman wearing a grey crocheted hoodie.Shehnaaz, the creative mind behind CrochetDreamz, is a skilled designer whose most projects are designed with beginners in mind. Her journey in crochet started as a personal passion, which blossomed into a platform for sharing her expertise.

Shehnaaz is known for her brilliant designs and simple directions, making crochet accessible and enjoyable for novices. Shehnaaz’s patterns, often characterized by their modern and stylish flair, are designed to be easily followed by beginners and include on-trend clothing items or snuggly blankets.

With her beautiful projects, Shehnaaz helps novices hone their skills, offering a wealth of resources, guidance, and encouragement.

Explore CrochetDreamz’s free crochet patterns in our database here.

10. Erangi Udeshika of Crochet For You

A heart shaped logo with the word cfg.Erangi Udeshika has become a cherished guide for beginners in the world of crochet. Her website, CrochetForYou is a valuable resource for those starting their crochet journey, offering an array of patterns that are both approachable and enjoyable.

Udeshika’s designs are characterized by their simplicity and beauty, catering to the needs and interests of novice crocheters. Her clear, step-by-step instructions and helpful illustrations ensure a smooth learning experience. Erangi’s commitment to making crochet accessible is evident in her easy-to-understand tutorials and patterns.

Explore Erangi Udeshika’s free crochet patterns in our database here.

11. Alnaar of Leelee Knits

A woman holding a tabby cat in the snow.Alnaar’s blog, Leelee Knits, is a go-to source for easy-to-follow knitting and crochet patterns, tailored to those just starting their crafting journey.

Her designs feature modern, clean aesthetics, making them highly appealing to crafters seeking contemporary styles. Photo instructions along with video tutorials that aid in understanding the intricacies of knitting and crochet, are Alnaar’s signature move.

Her projects feature cozy baby blankets, trendy garments, and minimalist home decor. If you’re a total fan of simple but effective designs, grab your crochet hook and let Alnaar guide you through crafting her most beautiful creations.

Explore Leelee Knits’ free crochet patterns in our database here.

12. Atty van Norel of Atty*s

A woman in a camouflage jacket and a man in a camouflage jacket.Atty van Norel, the creative powerhouse behind Attys, stands out in the crochet world. Her blog and pattern collection are celebrated for their vibrant, innovative designs that captivate crafters of all skill levels. Among her projects, you will find plenty of versatile decorative pieces, appliques, and colorful square blocks.

Atty’s approach to crochet is both fresh and fun, making it particularly inviting to those new to the craft. Her patterns are known for their bright colors and unique textures, bringing a playful and contemporary twist to traditional crochet.

Atty provides detailed instructions and supportive guidance, ensuring beginners can easily follow along.

Explore Atty’s free crochet patterns in our database here.

13. Ashleigh Kiser of Sewrella

A woman sitting in a chair holding a knitting needle.Ashleigh Kiser has made a significant impact in the crochet community, particularly for beginners. Her blog, Sewrella, is a treasure trove of beginner-friendly crochet patterns and insightful tutorials, making the craft approachable for novices.

Ashleigh’s designs are renowned for their simplicity, functionality, and modern charm, aligning perfectly with the needs of those new to crochet. Her patterns, ranging from cozy home accessories to stylish apparel, are accompanied by step-by-step instructions and helpful visual aids.

Ashleigh’s warm and encouraging approach has fostered an inclusive and supportive online community, where beginners can learn, share, and grow in their crochet journey.

Explore Ashleigh Kiser’s free crochet patterns in our database here.

14. Doroteja of Croby Patterns 

A woman in a pink dress is holding a pink phone.Doroteja, the creative maker behind Croby Patterns, offers a wide range of patterns that are both stylish and easy to follow. If you are into modern, elegant aesthetics, you should definitely check out her projects. Adorable baby items and stylish garments for adults are what she loves to create the most.

Doroteja excels in providing clear tutorials that make complex patterns accessible to beginners. Her commitment to helping novice crocheters is evident in every pattern she creates, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable crafting experience.

Through Croby Patterns, Doroteja has fostered an encouraging environment, empowering beginners to develop their skills and confidence in crochet.

Explore Doroteja’s free crochet patterns in our database here.

15. Janet Pippin of Simply Hooked By Janet

A woman wearing glasses and a denim jacket is smiling.Janet Pippin, the founder of SimplyHookedbyJanet, has become a beacon for beginners in the crochet community. Her platform is a welcoming space, brimming with patterns that are perfect for those taking their first steps in crochet.

Janet’s designs are distinguished by their straightforward, elegant style, making them accessible and appealing. She provides easy-to-follow instructions, often enhanced with visual guides, ensuring that beginners can easily follow along and create beautiful items.

Her passion for crochet is infectious, and her supportive approach encourages newcomers to develop their skills.






Whether you’re just starting out in crochet or looking to expand your skills, these 15 authors offer a range of patterns, tutorials, and inspiration to help you grow on your journey. Their expertise and approachable styles will make crocheting an enjoyable craft for any newbie. Make sure to discover their beginner-friendly crochet projects – we bet you won’t be able to get your hooks off!

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