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In the theme of spring.

Since it’s the last week before Easter there’s still time to create wonderful amigurumi, if you start without  delay that is. So, you know that an Easter bunny or rabbit will be a cute companion for this holiday. Although you can decorate a whole house with little amigurumi animals, or make one as a gift for someone important. Either way, the possibilities are quite endless and astounding. Moreover, you can really practice getting around shapes that are not a flat sheet or scarf. Therefore, there is simply no reason not to make an Easter rabbit or ten.

Isadora the Sleeping Rabbit

First, Isadora the Sleeping Rabbit will be a little gem. Overall, such sleeping toys (and kids too 🙂 are so sweet it’s hard to describe using only words. Moreover, the little flowers on this easter rabbit’s head makes it ever more gorgeous and sweet.

Isadora the Sleeping Rabbit

The full pattern you will find at Vivir_vintage’s Instagram account. Please scroll the photos, to get the pattern. Here is a link:

Isadora the Sleeping Rabbit

Henri the Rabbit

Next, we have Henri the easter Rabbit standing in alert, holding a carrot from your backyard. Without a doubt, this the  great and fun shape of this Easter decoration will be particularly good for a windowsill or shelf display.

Henri the Rabbit

The full pattern is available through’s at Instagram here:

Henri the Rabbit

Please swipe the photo left to get to the pattern.

Autumn the Easter Bunny

Finally, Autumn the Easter Bunny is ready for the Easter Egg Hunt. Indeed, with flowers next to her ear and tiny dress, this easter rabbit will be a perfect toy is you want to create a whole Bunny Family. Autumn measures 13 cm in hight.

Autumn the Easter Bunny

The full pattern is avaiable on the Insagram in 4 parts :

One Autumn the Easter Bunny Part 1

Two Autumn the Easter Bunny Part 2

Three Autumn the Easter Bunny Part 3

Four Autumn the Easter Bunny Part 4

Please swipe the photo left to get to the pattern.

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