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Quick Bunny Applique Free Crochet Patterns

Easter Bunny Decor Free Crochet Patterns

Bunnies are lovely decor and not only for Easter but all year round! You can put these on clothing, accessories, on the table or just about anywhere. It is also a great wall hanger or a nice, quick gift for a friend or family. Here are some bunny applique patterns that will enable you to quickly and effectively bunnify your life. All of them are definitely cute  and SOOO versatile.

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Hoppity Hop Bunny Free Crochet Pattern

You can apply these Hoppity Hop Bunnies to crocheted, cloth and woven surfaces as a decorative applique. As an example, you can stick them onto hard surfaces, such as a wall, window or another item. Finally you can use them as hanging ornaments in Easter displays, or set out on the table to hop around your Easter dishes. In conclusion, the possibilities how to use crochet bunny appliques, are endless.

Skills: Easy     Designer: Drops Design

The full article about this pattern is here:

Hoppity Hop Decor


Simple and Quick Bunny Free Crochet Pattern

If you need a bunny to make something cuter in a rush, this hoppity applique is just the thing for you. This is a super easy, super quick rabbit silhouette, additionally equipped with the sweetest bunny tail. You could make lots of these in no time, thus they’d be great for decorating an existing project for a new purpose.

Skills: Easy     Designer: Sparkles of Sunshine

Simple and Quick Bunny

The full article about this pattern is here:

Simple and Quick Bunny


Heart Easter Bunny Free Crochet Pattern

The Heart Easter Bunny is a cute little bunny hopper with a heart shaped body and some carrots as accessories. It’s a fun and amusing little applique that will be a great hit with the kids… especially with the googly eyes and goofy smile. A link to the free pattern is under the photos.

Skills: Easy     Designer: Golden Lucy Crafts


Heart Bunny Applique

The full article about this pattern is here::

Heart Easter Bunny Applique


Baby Bunny Applique

This pattern is exactly what it says on the box. Mom, Dad and Baby kitties for your pleasure and enjoyment. These are somewhat more serious bunnies, perfect for making some truly lovely decorations. A link to the free pattern is below.

Skills: Easy          Designer: TheCrochetBlog

Bunny Applique

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The full article about this pattern is here:.

Baby Bunny Applique

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Love these Bunnies !

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Love a bunny


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