How To Crochet A Magic Ring- step 10

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You may have heard the term “magic ring” before, also referred to as a magic loop, a magic circle or an adjustable ring. A magic ring method is to start crocheting in the round. It’s really easy, and you will be amazed both how easy and how useful it is.

Why should you learn a method of making a magic ring?

In short, it’s likely the best way of making rounded, tubular or circular items. Thus, it’s a technique used often for projects like amigurumi, hats, doilies or even granny squares. Of course, you can use other methods to get a circular project going. For example, you can use the chain method, but it’s more difficult and the effects are often underwhelming.

Only the crochet magic loop will create an ideal circle and make the center hole disappear. The center of the ring is much tighter, which is why it’s popular in amigurumi, because it hides the starting point. Another advantage advantage of the magic ring is that it looks neater and is better at keeping the toy’s stuffing inside. 

There is another common method of starting your crochet project. This is the slip knot, generally a loop on the hook that allows you to initiate chain stitches. It is a base for projects made in rows like headbands, blankets and cardigans. Thus, the magic ring is the correct method of starting a circular project.

Here’s an easy, step-by step tutorial to learn how to crochet a magic ring :

  1. Place the free end (bight) of your yarn across the with the end hanging off of the edge and the rest of the yarn leading away.How To Crochet A Magic Ring- step 1
  2. Take the working yarn and loop it around the top of your fingers and cross yarn over the tail end. Hold down the yarn with your thumb to keep it immobile and to maintain tension.Step 2
  3. Insert the crochet hook under the first strand of yarn from the tips of your fingers towards your hand, then go over the second strand and hook it. Make sure to keep the rest of the yarn from moving.Magic circle Step 3
  4. Pull the yarn underneath the fist strand, while turning the hook 180 degrees.Magic loop Step 4
  5. Insert the hook under the leftmost, upper string (it will be the working end of the yarn, which means the yarn leading to the rest of the ball). Pull the yarn over to make a chain (ch).Step 5
  6. Slip the yarn off of your fingers and take the loose end of the yarn off from the loop. Step 6
  7. Wrap the working yarn around your left hand, ensuring that the loop is sufficiently large to make a first round of stitches. However, if it’s not, you can easily adjust it by pulling on the working end of the yarn. Grab the loose end along with your working yarn. Step 7
    Now you are set to crochet a magic ring by making the first round of stitches into it.
    The next step is pattern-dependent. However, in all cases, all stitches in the first round will be made through the magic loop. The chain we already made in step 5 counts as the first chain. Subsequent ones will be continued with single crochet.
  8. Insert the hook into the loop, hook the yarn over (yo) and pull through. Grab the yarn over again and pull through 2 loops. This is the first single crochet (sc) stitch.Magic Ring step 8
  9. Continue working more stitches into the magic loop in accordance with your pattern. I made 8 single crochets ( 8 sc), inserting the hook into the crochet magic loop each time. Now, you can close the circle by taking the tail end in your left hand and pulling it tight, while maintaining a hold on the rest of the loop in your right one.Step 9
  10. Use a slip stitch (sc) to finish the magic circle. To do this, insert the hook under the top two loops of the first stitch of this round, yarn over and pull through. PRO TIP: If you’re following a pattern for an amigurumi, you can skip this slip stitch. Make the next single crochet stitch to start the second round instead.Magic ring step 10
  11. Finally, secure the tail end of the yarn to stop it from unravelling. Take a tapestry needle and work it through the workpiece. Pull the end again. As an added benefit, this will help tighten the the ring and make the hole in the centre invisible. 

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