Christmas Tree Topper Ornaments Ideas

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You can have everything, but without it you are lost.

You can have a horrendous amount of Christmas baubles,  bells, stars, tree-chains, but there is still one thing missing. No matter how many ornaments do you have collected throughout the years, it still doesn’t count, if there is no Christmas tree topper.  My old post : Tree Topper Ornament Free Crochet Patterns published 2 years ago was very popular and many of you have visited it often since then. So, I have decided that it’s time for some follow-up. Here are additional patterns for Christmas Tree Toppers. Therefore, I sincerely hope you will find something perfect for you!

3-D Snowflake Christmas Tree Topper

A very classic shape, the 3-D snowflake will be a good pattern for any kind of a tree.  This topper is made  of 3 big snowflake shapes stiffened and glued together with a base.

Designer: Crochet Around the Globe in English

3d snowflake christmas tree topper scaled

Go to the pattern:

3-D Snowflake Christmas Tree Topper

Mini tree top Caroler

The mini tree top Caroler will be perfect pattern or all those of you who love amigurumi. The caroler Christmas tree topper measures 5 1/2 in, so it is just perfect size for a table-top or smaller tree on one of the side tables.

Skills: beginner   Designer:  Liz H.

tree top caroler scaled

Go to the pattern:

Mini tree top Caroler

Finally, we all know that there is no better way to upgrade your Christmas tree than handmade angels. The Angel Tree Topper is made with so many details that is will stun everyone. It’s a must-have for everyone, including more advanced beginners who want to challenge themselves this year.

Skills: beginner   Designer: Crochet Around the Globe in English

angel christmas tree topper scaled

Go to the pattern:

Angel Christmas Tree Topper

more info about project photographed here.

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