Small Duck Perfect for Easter Free Crochet Patterns

Pepp, peep? No! Quack, quack!

So, we all know little chicks are the norm for Easter, alongside eggs, bunnies and lambs. However, why not spruce up your Easter decorations with some other, equally fun and attractive themes. It’s time to make a small duck that’s perfect for Easter. Indeed, little ducklings are also a  sign of spring and they’re so fun to see waddling behind their mom on the way to the pond or to snag some food. Moreover, these projects are great fun and are also easy enough to snag beginners, such as for example your kids. Without a doubt, it will be a great lesson for them to make their own toys which will then be cherished stuffies.

20 minute Duck Amigurumi

To begin with, this small duck amigurumi is an absolute joy to make. Moreover, as you can see, there is no limit in terms of color. So, whatever yarn odds and ends you have, they’ll be perfect.


20 minute duck

Go to the free pattern: 20 Minute Duck Amigurumi

More info about project photographed here.


If It Looks Like a Duck

If this small duck looks like a duck, quacks like one and floats like one, it’s definitely got to be a chicken, right? Of course, there is no reason why you can’t turn this pattern into little chickens as well.

If It Looks Like a Duck

Go to the free pattern: If It Looks Like a Duck


Malcolm the Mallard

Next, Malcom the mallard is a small duck with very natural hues. I think that this is a wonderful pattern that will be a treasured Easter decoration.

Go to the free pattern: Malcolm the Mallard


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