How to make a puffy crochet snowflake.

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Toasty and puffy snowflakes? All is possible with crochet.

Truly, is there a better stitch to describe structure of a snowflake than a “puff”? Puffy, fluffy white puff falling from the sky automatically associates with something delicate and coziness, as well as a hint of magic. Thus, here are patterns aiming to assemble in crochet this aspect of a puffy snowflake. Therefore, if you are looking for a thin, etherial snowflake pattern, definitely see our Collection of The Best Free Snowflake Crochet PatternsHere we go:

How to crochet a puffy snowflake

To begin with, the first puffy snowflake pattern is methodological one that includes a YT tutorial.

How to crochet a snowflake

The full tutorial by Jonna Martinez  is on Youtube :

How to Crochet a Snowflake

or you can watch it here:

Frozen Puff Snowflakes

Next, the puffy snowflake in this spot is a lacier, more delicate one that is for making decorations.

frozen puff

The full article about this pattern is on Ravelry:

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